Make Special Offers To Sell More Legal Services

Most businesses make offers to their clients to generate additional income or motivate loyalty. Solicitors need not be an exception. Whilst it is not so easy to discount legal fees as it is a bottle of milk, you can make some enticing offers to encourage clients to instruct you.

It is 10 times easier to sell to existing clients than it is to recruit new ones, yet more often than not I see solicitors only trying to attract new business. Motivating your existing clients to instruct you again is an excellent way of increasing your profits, something that always excites me!

What Format Should The Offer Take?

There are many different ways you can motivate clients to act, it does not always have to be financial motivation although often that is the easiest method. The important point is to keep in contact with your clients and to advise them of the range of services available to them from your legal practice. Here are some ideas, but do take some time to consider what would work for your business:

  • The offer could be "Free Will with every Lasting Power of Attorney". If you are still charging a nominal sum you need to increase your prices, which is a thing that most solicitors can and should do from time to time.
  • "25% Discount If You Make A Will Before Completing Your House Move". (Using client friendly language is always important so avoiding "conveyancing" is always a good idea).
  • For business services, you could make a fixed price offer to new businesses to draft employment contracts, terms and conditions etc. New businesses need certainty of pricing and if they are impressed with your services their will be many more instructions to come your way (if you keep in touch).

These are only a few ideas, but it is essential that you consider what would work for your business and your clients.

How To Make Offers For Your Legal Services

Any offer made does not have to cost substantially. If you collect email addresses you can make instant offers free of charge (excluding your time). If you are not collecting email addresses, start now, even if you only store them in an excel spreadsheet). You can also make offers in a letter, or if you do have some budget you can create some postcards to be sent back if there is interest in your offer. The format is not the important part although it can improve the responses you receive, but making the effort is key.

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