How Many Barriers Does Your Law Firm Put In Front Of Your Prospects?

“No, you cannot have a consultation with us about buying our services.” That was the response I received when I was looking for someone to show me how to use the rather expensive software that I was trying to get to grips with. It was a good reminder that as a law firm owner, you will have put up a lot of barriers to clients finding and instructing you. I want to use my bad experience for your benefit, but back to the company in question first.

How Many Barriers Does Your Law Firm Put In Front Of Your Prospects?

The company said that I could ask questions by email, but no one was prepared to help me set the software up. Now, bearing in mind that this software isn’t cheap, that I pay for it monthly, and that if it does the job that I want it to (allow me at a glance to see all the key data for my Google Adwords clients’ campaigns) I will be a customer for a very long time, I found this to be a very strange response.

This company has put one huge barrier in the way of my using their services. Which led me to thinking about you and your law firm.

How many barriers do you put in the way of your prospects?

Barriers can appear in a number of guises:

  1. Barriers to finding you;
  2. Barriers to contacting you for the first time;
  3. Barriers to instructing you;
  4. Barriers to using your services again; and
  5. Barriers to recommending and referring you.

I promise you that you will have at least one barrier in each of the categories above.

Let me give you an example.

A barrier to finding you might be that you rely on only one marketing method to appear before your prospects. This might be word of mouth, your office location, your star performing advertisement or your website, whether with or without Google Adwords.

If you do not have at least four methods working each month for you, you have put up barriers to people finding you. You will only be found a fraction of the times that you should be found. There will be ‘perfect clients’ who would be delighted to use your services but at the moment are having to use your competitors. That is not fair for them or for you. You need to take away this barrier to ‘perfect clients’ finding you by getting in front of them in more places.

I am going to highlight a few more barriers over the next few weeks, because I want you to take some of them down so that 2018 can be a wonderful year for you and your law firm.

Your firm can grow your law firm to whatever size you would like. The only barrier to this happening at the moment is more likely than not you, or to put it more succinctly your belief that it can be done or how big it should be.

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