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I am excited to tell you that I presenting a new live webinar which will show you exactly what you need to do to generate more clients each and every month.

The More Clients Monthly webinar will show you:

  • How to stop looking for the ‘next client’ one by one, and put in place a system to generate more clients for your practice each and every month;
  • How to set up systems to ensure that your successful marketing takes place with or without your input, leaving you free to look after your clients; and
  • How to ensure that you obtain your dream practice of yesteryear, where new clients just keep coming to you seemingly without any effort on your part.

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Marketing For Solicitors

Case Study

One Partner Law Firm Changes Direction

We’ve been working with Nick about 10 years and throughout this time I have always valued his expertise.

When we first made contact with Nick we had been recommended to get in touch with him by another solicitor to “give us a hand with marketing”.

At that time we were focusing on personal injury work, but we had already decided to enter the medical negligence market.

Obviously breaking into a new market takes time and we still needed the income that came from the personal injury work to finance this going forward.

Nick put together a high conversion website which meant we had all the personal injury work that we needed allowing us to build the medical negligence side of things up gradually.

Now we specialise exclusively in medical negligence. Nick has been part of that growth in terms of strategy and the use of Google Adwords to generate good quality leads.

As part of that, he helped us with the entire website build, making it very marketing focused and it has worked extremely well.

As a result our firm has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling fee earing staff and turnover.

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