How To Start Your Legal Email Newsletter

If you have decided that sending a regular legal email newsletter is a great idea and one which will increase your referrals and recommendations (which it will) then how should you start it?

How To Start Your Legal Email Newsletter

To answer that question, please let me tell you a story about one of my Marketing4Solicitors members. First, she is lovely. A really nice person providing a really good service to her clients. I know this because over the years we have spoken many times – she has been a Marketing4Solicitors member for a long time.

On a call recently I was running through what she was currently doing to attract clients and looking for areas of improvement for her.

During this call she dropped in that she had been reading one of my Marketing4Solicitors printed newsletters four months ago when the penny had finally dropped for her in terms of starting her legal email newsletter.

You see, being a perfectionist, as a lot of solicitors are, she had been waiting until she had put together a list of all of her former clients and prospects. She had been waiting and waiting until that list was complete. In the newsletter to which she referred I had explained that this was completely the wrong way to start your legal email marketing database.

Instead, I advised those reading the newsletter to start their email marketing database today, and from this day onward add everyone that they speak with and who becomes a client to it. Don’t wait to start it, just start it now and simply by having it you will be amazed how quickly your email database will grow.

She said on reading that Marketing4Solicitors newsletter that she realised she was in that position, so she decided to just get on with it.

She set up her legal email marketing database that day.

Did it work?

I will let her tell you that:

“Nick had been advising me to start an email newsletter for ages but I was put off because I wanted to prepare a list of all of my old clients first. I finally took action when he reminded me and said “just start the list today”, so I did.

Nick was right. Within four months I have an email list of 1,000 people and it is growing all of the time, as are my referrals!”

If you haven’t yet started your legal email marketing database, please, please do start it today.

If you would like to know how to do it, which software to use and what to say, click the button below to download my guide now:

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