Three or more word Google Adword keywords for solicitors = success

Three or more word Google Adword keywords for solicitors is success
I mentioned in my last article that one word keywords such as ‘solicitor’ simply do not work when it comes to Adwords.

However, longer search terms of three or more words work a treat. Really well. They cost less and they will win you more enquiries; if you do them correctly.

Sadly, however, none of the advertisers are doing everything correctly for the search term above of:

“what is the approximate fee for a solicitor to do probate?”


First, advertiser number 3 mentions the fee in the subject of their advertisement, yet their fixed fee in the headline is not in itself an answer to the question entered. Number 4 doesn’t even mention fees, so has zero chance of receiving a click. This in turn means that they will spend more to get to position number 4 in the future because with no clicks on their advertisements their click through rate will be very low, making them bid higher to sustain a top 4 position. It is a cruel game Adwords when you do it badly.

Number one and two mention fees, but do not answer the question.

How do you fix these problems?

Two easy steps.

  1. Have very small keyword groups targeting a maximum of 10 -15 keywords; and
  2. Make sure that your advertisement copy matches your keywords very closely.

Small keyword groups of 10-15 keywords.
You should aim for 10-15 keywords per Adgroup. It can be slightly more if all of the keywords are very closely related, for example:

How much does probate cost?

How much for probate?

How much probate fees?

The reason that you should keep keywords answering the same sort of question together is point number 2…

2. Make sure your advertisement copy closely matches your keywords.
This is one of the most important aspects of a good Google Adwords campaign. The more closely your Adwords’ advertisement content matches someone’s search term, the better the chances of them clicking on your advertisement.

If the page that you then redirect them to on your website exactly answers their question then you dramatically increase your chances of that person making contact.

Following on from the search above, the page I am redirected to should have a headline that matches the search term as closely as possible, i.e.

“What are the approximate fees for a solicitor to do probate?”

If the content on the page then explains how fees can be calculated, mentioning perhaps how a bank might charge a high percentage, some solicitors a lower percentage and your firm offers a unique fee structure which you will explain on a free, no obligation call, you stand a really good chance of making your telephone ring.

Your formula for Adwords success is:

Ad copy closely matched to search term redirecting to a page answering the searcher’s question = telephone rings/enquiry form completed.

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