The Invisible Restaurant Proves Solicitors Do Not Need A High Street

Solicitors often ask me if they still need a High Street presence. The simple answer is ‘no’. Absolutely not. What solicitors do need to be as busy as they would like is a simple marketing strategy applied consistently and automatically, backed up with a great legal legal service.

My story of eating in an ‘invisible restaurant’ explains why.

The Invisible Restaurant Proves Solicitors Do Not Need A High Street

I ate in an invisible restaurant last night.

It was in a garden centre. Well, actually, it was worse than that, it was behind the garden centre, hidden behind it.

If the people taking me there had not been with me I would have driven past it. I would have seen the garden centre, not the restaurant, so I would have carried on driving.

Luckily for me, I was being driven there, so as we pulled into the car park I was a little surprised. There was no indication of the existence of a fine dining experience.

It was made even more bizarre by the fact that to enter this invisible restaurant, you had to walk through the arch to the back of the garden centre, where there was one small illuminated sign pointing to the restaurant.

Once inside, it was lovely. Surrounded by a garden centre, but a lovely ambience, a proper bar, real tables not green plastic ones as I had been expecting, and for a Wednesday night it was really busy.

And the food?

The food was amazing. Really, really good.

It had to be, didn’t it? Otherwise no one would ever visit this invisible restaurant. The people who took me told me that the restaurant has an excellent reputation and that they are very clever with their marketing.

I am often asked by solicitors if they should have a High Street presence these days.

“Nick, I think it could really help me. Imagine all the people that would just walk in and instruct me.”

The answer is that no, you don’t need a High Street presence these days.

What you do need is to provide an excellent service and to have an excellent yet simple marketing strategy that you carry out relentlessly.

Do that, and you can work from the moon if you choose. Or a nice French Gites, or Austria. Wherever you like.

An excellent service and a simple marketing strategy carried out consistently and relentlessly and the world is your lobster. I know it is meant to be oyster but the invisible restaurant is doing a lobster special menu tonight.

I might go back – if I can find it!

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