Why Designed Legal Newsletters For Solicitors Are A Waste Of Time

I know some solicitors love heavily designed legal newsletters. They like to see their logo emblazoned across the top of it, then lots of pretty images throughout the email newsletter and a picture of a real signature at the bottom. This is a real shame, as heavily designed legal newsletters simply do not work.


There are two main reasons why designed legal newsletters don’t work.

Let me start with the most visual reason following an email that I have just received which adopts the ‘heavily designed’ format.

Heavily Designed Legal Newsletters For Solicitors Do Not Work

Doesn’t the email newsletter I received above look absolutely beautiful?

What a gem. I am sure that is exactly how the sender wanted their beautiful email to look. I glow in its beauty and revel in its sheer loveliness.

Well, I might, if my email software had not stripped out every single image that it could find, which is exactly why the number one reason that you should not have a designed legal email newsletter is because it will rarely, if ever, reach your reader in the way that you envisioned.

The Second Reason That You Should Not Have Designed Legal Newsletters

The second reason that you should not have a designed legal newsletter is… drumroll please…. because it instantly tells the recipient that the only reason that you are communicating with them is to sell to them.

Now we all know that is what you want from your email newsletter in the crassest sense, but it is much more than that too. You are trying to build a relationship with your reader. There is absolutely no chance of this happening if the second your recipient opens his email he sees your logo and switches off.

Why read on? I know they are trying to sell to me now so what is the point?

I agree with him/her. There isn’t one. Get back to looking at fluffy rabbits being nurtured by a maternal goat instead, much better use of your time.

However, if you take away the pictures and make it look like an email sent from the friend who just sent you the link to watch the goats and the bunnies, you now have a much greater chance that your recipient will read on, at least as far as the first paragraph.

If you make the content engaging, providing links to a couple of articles of interest on your blog, then you increase the chance of your prospects actually reaching the end of your email newsletter, and possibly even replying to say hello.

If you do that, you have won. Good work.

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