10 Legal Newsletter Names For Solicitors

Which are the best legal newsletter names for solicitors to use? How can you make your legal newsletter make your telephone ring every time that you send it?

If you have taken the smart and soon to be very well rewarded decision (in the form of new client instructions) to produce a regular legal newsletter for your clients and prospects, or you are simply looking to get more from your legal newsletter, what you decide to call it can be a big part of the process?

Legal Newsletter Names From Law Firm Growth Specialist Nick Jervis
Nick Jervis, Solicitor (non-practising) and author of Amazon bestseller The Law Firm Growth Formula.

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I am Nick Jervis, a non-practising solicitor and now full time law firm growth consultant.

Before 2003 when I set up my consultancy, I worked in private practice from 1991 to 2003.

I have written a best selling law firm marketing book on Amazon – The Law Firm Growth Formula: How smart solicitors attract more of the right clients at the right price to grow their law firm quickly, so I like to think that I know something about marketing legal services.

I am a huge fan of winning clients the easy way; by which I mean having prospects find my law firm clients at the precise moment in time that they are looking to buy their legal services.

It is for this reason that I am a huge fan of legal newsletters. A client contacts you about your services but they aren’t quite ready to proceed. You send them some details but also add them to your legal newsletter database. You keep in touch with them once a month until the time comes that they are ready to buy your legal services. However, now you are the only firm that they are speaking with about these services because you have kept in touch with them. They do not even consider calling another firm. You have removed price sensitivity and have a ready, willing and able client.

Sending a regular legal newsletter will lead to an increase in the number of referrals and recommendations that you receive from existing prospects and clients.

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Before I provide you with 10 legal newsletter names, can I tell you something that might surprise you first?

You should NEVER name your legal newsletter!

That might seem odd advice on an article all about legal newsletter names, but it is absolutely correct.

Think about your own experience of reading other people’s emails or newsletters. When something pops into your inbox entitled “Smithers Jones Legal Newsletter”, are you left intrigued and wondering what this could be all about?

“Smithers Jones Legal Newsletter”. I wonder if this is all about holidays in Cornwall.. I do love Cornwall.

You don’t do that, do you? You know exactly what is going to be in this email. Perhaps some mildly interesting information about the law then a gentle pitch for their services.

The key point is that the second that the email lands in your inbox YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEING SOLD TO. It might be a subtle sell or a hard sell, but you know it is a sell.

So, what should you say instead?

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Here Are 10 Legal Newsletter Name Suggestions For Your To Consider For Your Law Firm Newsletter.

Let’s start with the obvious and name it after your firm. Is this a good idea? Will it work?

Let’s take a look at some ideas based around that theme:

1. Smithers Jones Newsletter

2. Smithers Jones Legal News

3. Smithers Jones Legal Update

Pros – it is easy, and if people like you, they are likely to open it.

Cons – it instantly tells people that you are selling to them. Your name, your newsletter, one outcome = selling your legal services. If you are doing this, how many people do you think are going to open your newsletter each and every month, aside from your mum of course?

You must make the name focused on a benefit for the client, something topical or something deadline based to give yourself the best chance of people opening and reading it.

Now let’s make it slightly less obvious, but still clear what it is about.

Legal Related Newsletter Names

4. The Legal Buzz

5. The Legal Beagle’s Monthly Round Up.

6. The Latest Law.

Pros – slightly more benefits driven.

Cons – still very much focused on the legal angle.

Benefits Driven Legal Newsletter Names.

Finally, let’s just think about the benefits that someone will receive by reading your regular email newsletter, and give them a reason to read it.

These can vary depending on the area of law. For example:

7. Latest Home Movements & Improvements.

e.g. for a conveyancing firm focusing on a local town – you can add the local town name. The huge benefit here is that you are not just talking about the law, but something that everyone is interested in; local property movements. With the ‘improvements’ angle, you can include tips or advice from local tradesmen, increasing your reach to the local community by winning good will (and referrals from them when you ask for them) and pleasing old and new clients by giving them helpful advice.

8. Over Fifty & Thrifty,

Advice for an ageing population if you are providing Wills & Probate services. Again, note this is not just legal based, meaning it is much easier to obtain content and to gently sell your legal services.

9. What You Need To Know… About The Law.

A generic title which gives you a very wide range of availability for topics to include.

10. Your Business & The Law.

For the business law practice this should always be of interest as it will cover all areas of interest for any business owner.

Pros – the title conveys a benefit, which means that it is more likely to be opened and read.

Cons – you have to think outside of the box a little in creating the content, but the benefits should far outweigh this minor challenge.

“Nick Jervis is the man – especially if you have a law business. I’ve been a convert for nearly 10 months now. It has made a huge difference. I am well on the way to tripling my turnover. Enjoy legals. It works.”

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This list could be limitless, but the idea of this article was to help you consider all of the aspects around the topic of a legal newsletter. I hope that I have helped you to do that.

The most important about naming your legal newsletter is to think carefully about your newsletter name, but not to the extent that you fail to start it soon.

Perfection Kills Momentum, so it is better to get going with a bad name and change it later than it is to delay the start of your legal newsletter until you have the ‘perfect name’, which of course will never happen.

If you have made the decision and committed to producing your regular legal newsletter, you can make your job an awful lot easier by being provided with the content you need for your legal newsletter each and every month, so that you all have to do is piece your newsletter together and click send.

The hardest job is always obtaining the content, and even the ideas for the content, from your fee earners or yourself, so take away this challenge and you are off to a flying start.

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