Law Firm Websites Most Neglected Pages

There is one page on your law firm website which is completely neglected, and yet with a small amount of attention could blossom into a beautiful and important page for you.

This page is one of the pages that is nearly always viewed by almost everyone coming to your website, yet I can guarantee that you haven’t changed it since the day you put your legal website live (when was that exactly)?

The page I am talking about is your Contact page. It is the page that nearly everyone will visit before deciding whether to ask you to help them with a legal matter.

When did you last look at your contact page? Really? Was it last week, last month, or am I right – when you put your website live?

The main point to make about this often neglected page is this:

"The one and only purpose of your contact page, even more so than every other important page on your website, is to persuade someone to take that first step and to get in touch with you."

How many persuasive words are you using to ensure that this happens?

How gently, or forcefully, are you cajoling your visitor to get off their backside and make contact with you?

If, as is usually the case, you are not using any words at all now, try changing this and see if you start to receive some more enquiries for your services.

Just a few, well chosen, persuasive words and you might receive another handful of enquiries. If one of those enquiries turns into a fee paying client this month, and every month following today, these might be the most profitable words you ever write. Perhaps even more so than your best brief, witness statement or quotation for your legal services.

Food for thought.

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