Turning Down Clients And My Breakfast Meeting Today.

I had breakfast with my estate agent friend this morning, in our local Weatherspoons (classy eh).

I think that’s quite impressive. I have just written one sentence and you have judged me twice already; having a friend who is an estate agent and eating in Weatherspoons. You can say that you didn’t judge me, but I know you better.

However, let me try and justify this, to make me feel better and you see me in a better light.

First, Weatherspoons; it is the only warm coffee shop in Nailsea. All of the others insist on freezing their customers, and it is a cold, wet, windy June day.

Second, the estate agent. He is not your usual estate agent. He turned down an instruction, what more need I tell you?

Most estate agents that I have met will take on all and any instructions, not my friend. He only works with straightforward vendors and he will go ‘all out’ to make sure he gets the best price for their properties. This vendor, for various reasons, was far from straightforward, so he politely declined the instruction.

What a clever chap.

Saying no to clients who are not a good fit is a very sensible thing to do. You will know yourself that you have often said yes to clients against your better judgment only to then spend months or years regretting the decision. These are usually the same clients who negotiate your price down to the bare bones too.

Knowing who your ideal client is is an essential part of growing a successful law firm. Acting for everyone is a certain way to lead to frustration and angst.

I know my ideal clients, and generally they fall into two categories when it comes to working on a one to one basis:

  1. An existing law firm with a sole decision maker who wants to grow their practice quickly; or
  2. A start up law firm that wants to hit the ground running and attract clients quickly.

Do you fit into one of these categories?

If so, why don’t we have a chat?

Feedback received this week about my More Clients Strategy Call:

"Very helpful and Nick went straight to address the issue I had. I was expecting a hard sales pitch, and was surprised and delighted not to get that. I got some clear pointers as to the next steps I should take (without charge) and a useful personal introduction. Try the 30 minute call, you may be pleasantly surprised."

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