Which Methods Of Legal Marketing Have You Stopped That You Should Restart?

Sometimes you need a reminder of something that used to generate new clients for your law firm that you have stopped doing. I guarantee that there will be some form of legal marketing that you used to undertake that worked well but which you stopped when you got busy.

Which methods of legal marketing have you stopped?

This hit me the other day.

In fact, as I move closer to 50 as each month of this year passes, lots of things hit me. However, this one stood out.

I watched my 16 year old son sprinting upstairs.

Not odd or groundbreaking in or of itself, but I suddenly realised that I don’t run upstairs half as much as I used to, if at all much anymore. Why and when did that stop?

What it also got me thinking about was what things have I stopped in my business that I used to do that maybe I should restart?

One of them is Search Engine Marketing. I didn’t stop completely, but I did stop giving it as much attention as I should do and as a consequence my website traffic stalled and even went backwards a bit.

I have fixed that now and it is getting better. I have fixed it because whilst I love Google Adwords, one of my golden rules is never to rely on only one or two methods of legal marketing to generate your new clients. You have to split your reliance so that if one dies another is still providing new clients for you. Therefore, if I obtain new visitors to my website through both Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords, I am in a much stronger position.

What methods of legal marketing have you stopped doing that used to work well for you in terms of generating new clients.

Should you restart it?

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