When Should Solicitors Start Their Email Marketing Database?

Nike are famous for saying “Just do it!”.

However, Mark Twain is quoted as saying sometime before this a similar yet longer winded version: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

I know that for my part, this message hits home hard on many occasions when I should have started something much sooner than I finally did.

Should have started in the legal profession sooner than I did – check!

Should have left the legal profession sooner than I did – check!

Should have started my business sooner than I did – check!

Should have started my email marketing database sooner than I did – check!

The last one hurts me the most, because if I were to sit down and analyse how much income it cost me byWhen Should Solicitors Start Their Email Marketing Database? not starting my email list until 18 months into my business life, I might just cry a little.

I see precisely the same with solicitors too. They put off starting their email list for months or even years before finally getting going, then watching their referrals and recommendations steadily rise once they have started it.

One of my members of my paid monthly marketing service Marketing4Solicitors, had this to say:

“Nick had been advising me to start an email newsletter for ages but I was put off because I wanted to prepare a list of all of my old clients first. I finally took action when he reminded me and said “just start the list today”, so I did.

Nick was right. Within four months I have an email list of 1,000 people and it is growing all of the time, as are my referrals!”

Mark Twain was so right; “The secret to getting ahead is getting started!”

Start your email list and start adding every prospect that you speak with to it whilst you speak with them. You will find that if you do this, the prospect will never object and your email list will start to grow very quickly. Soon you will have hundreds of people ready and waiting to hear from you.

So, step two (step one being to set up your email marketing database) is to add everyone that you speak with who enquires about your services to your email marketing database. All you need to say whilst on the telephone is:

“I am just going to send you an email to ensure that I have your correct email address.”

You then add them to your email marketing database, they instantly receive an email asking them to confirm that they are happy to be added and that you have their correct email address, they click the link in that email (the double opt in part to ensure GDPR compliance) and your list has grown by one.

Do that once a day and you will soon have a valuable asset for your business.

If you would like my email marketing set up guide, simply download my guide below.

If you already have it and are up and running – start growing your email marketing database from today.

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