Why are solicitors so bad at returning telephone calls from new clients?

I have been working inside a law firm since 1991 and in my marketing consultancy full time since 2003 so I know what goes on inside a law firm pretty well.

Why are solicitors so bad with the telephone?However, I am still, perhaps naively, surprised when I hear of another woeful experience someone has gone through when trying to instruct a solicitor. I should know better. I know what happens, but it pains me because it is costing you and other law firm owners an incredible amount of lost income.

A property developer friend who completes many conveyancing deals each year, tried to find a new solicitor to help him. He made seven calls to firms in the West Country and only one of these seven firms returned his call.

Guess what.

They got the instruction.

If you are sitting there shaking your head, saying that wouldn’t happen in your firm, I bet you are wrong.

Every firm that I work with, and there have been hundreds now, believes that they are better at their ‘new client’ process than they actually are.

I have mystery shopped family legal services, probate, personal injury law firms and business legal services, and had poor experiences on each occasion.

If you think my statistics above are bad, someone I know made 46 firms to law firms in the West Country and only one firm returned his call too.

And please don’t just think this is a problem in the laid back West. It is rife across the United Kingdom.

When it comes to dealing with new client enquiries law firms are, by and large, woeful at the process from the first call to the part where, if they are lucky, receive the instruction.

This could be great news for you though, if you think about it, especially if you are spending money to generating new client enquiries from legal ppc or SEO for solicitors.

If you make even the smallest effort to make your process better, you are way ahead of your competition who are still out there not returning phone calls, or even if they do not having what I call ‘The Meaningful Conversation’ with their prospects when they actively listen to the prospects needs. You can clean up.

This widespread “woefulness” is precisely the reason why the first part of my book The Law Firm Growth Formula dives deep into the new client conversion process. It is why so many parts of my printed newsletters for my Marketing4Solicitors members dive deeper into their new client conversion process to ensure it is absolutely as good as it can be.

If you did nothing else except mystery shopped your firm several times a week you would learn enough to make another five to six figures every year.

If you listen to your receptionist for one day a week you will realise how much good work you turn away through lack of knowledge, failing to answer the telephone quickly enough or at all or a general lack of interest in your prospects.

You might be able to tell that this topic infuriates me.

So I want to make you an offer so that you do something about it.

The latest issue of Marketing4Solicitors goes to the printers this week. It is an in-depth dive into how to get to the top of Google in 2018 without spending money on Google Adwords. It is the exact process I have used to generate a 30% increase in website visitors to one of my law firm client’s websites with a corresponding increase in enquiries for their services (because they answer the telephone and return calls).

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Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

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Nick has provided many helpful and practical suggestions to improve my marketing strategy and I am happy to recommend his services.

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