You Can Grow Your Law Firm With Lessons From The England Cricket Team

You might think that if you want to grow your law firm, there would be very little that the England Cricket team can teach you. However, you would be wrong. Let this article explain how the team can make you much better at law firm marketing.

You Can Grow Your Law Firm With Lessons From The England Cricket TeamI am a big fan of cricket and follow the England team, although it is of late a painful experience. We have just lost the first test against Pakistan, mainly because we didn’t score enough runs.

For those of you who like cricket, you will understand. For those of you who do not, there is a great law firm growth lesson from an article I read this morning that I hope you will find worth holding on for.

One of the BBC’s cricket pundits Simon Hughes was exploring why England have been so bad at batting recently. Very few of our team can amass a significant score. The only exception has been Alastair Cook, the former England captain, although he has struggled of late.

He explains that to build a big test innings takes patience. It means playing less shots not more. It means hitting the ball less than you might want to. It is this consistent patience that eventually leads to success. You wear the bowlers down. They get tired because they have to bowl more balls. You get more loose balls and so more balls you can then hit and score runs from.

Simon Hughes discusses one of the problems being that this patient approach does not fit the young test batsmen so well. He explains that people’s attention spans are shortening in the real world and that sport is a reflection of society, on the sports pitches too.

Social Media is one of the main culprits of this inability to focus on one task for hours at a time (the time needed to build a big cricket innings), instead people looking for quick dopamine fixes across their many social media platforms.

I mentioned that Alastair Cook has been an exception (sometimes) with building big scores. He is the only England player not using Social Media. Interesting.

This same problem that England cricket has also applies to law firm growth. To be successful and to grow your law firm, you need to be as dull as a good cricket batsman.

You need to be consistently dull.

You need to keep doing the things that are working and stop chasing anything shiny and new (particularly social media which I promise you is NOT the answer if you are serious about growing your law firm).

You need to improve the tactics that are working. To use sport again, Sir Clive Woodward said that that to win the Rugby World Cup England didn’t need to be 100% better, they needed to improve 100 aspects of their game by 1 per cent.

Your marketing is exactly the same. My clients that understand this have the required patience. They know it is often not a quick fix, but they also know that when they take the time to do things well and consistently improve them there are quite frequently ‘tipping points’ where a spike in growth happens due to these actions.

Not sexy, maybe not exciting, but very, very effective if you are serious about growing your law firm.
Do you have the patience required to achieve ultimate long-term success?

“.. regardless of the medias or mechanisms we’ve used to grow over the last three years, it’s been Nick’s rock solid marketing plan that underpins it all.

He’s stopped me trying this and that, and got me to focus on the things that’ll have the biggest impact on the business.

And I think there’s a lot more to come – we still haven’t implemented everything that Nick has given us to do, and when we do, I reckon we’ve got around another £250,000 of revenue per year to add to our figures.”

James Quinn. Solicitor.

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