Washing The Soles Of Your Feet And Major Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

I never thought that a discussion about washing the soles of your feet would highlight a major problem solicitors face when it comes to making a major law firm marketing mistake, however, it did! This is what happened.

At a Sunday lunch with my family we were discussing showering or bathing and somehow found ourselves on the subject of washing the soles of our feet (my fault I am afraid as I always like to take a conversation as far as I can).

Now I had assumed (always a dangerous thing to do) that everyone did the same as I do, which is to lift up the soles of my feet and wash them thoroughly with soap or shower gel. Surely everyone does that don’t they?

Apparently not. I was of the minority that took the time to do this. Most people in my extended family felt that standing in the shower and letting the soap run over their feet was enough most of the time (unless they were removing stubborn grass stains etc). I was made to feel like the odd one out for something that I thought was perfectly normal. This still makes me laugh now.

On thinking about this turn of events further it made me think about marketing a service based business and how the same problem can cost business owners thousands of pounds in lost new clients every single year. Now you might struggle to see the connection between washing the soles of your feet and marketing your business, but I am referring to the real problem in the story above – assumptions!

So many times we are all guilty of assuming something will not work for our business because ‘we would not be persuaded to act if presented with this offer in this way’. We can only see a situation through our own eyes, and as these are very rarely the same eyes that our clients use when selecting their service provider, it is a very costly mistake to make. Hugely costly. So I want to fix it for you and fix it quickly.

Let me find out more about your business and the services you provide, then let me explain exactly what will and won’t work for you when it comes to winning new clients, based on my experience of working with hundreds of business owners since I set up my business in 2003.

Please don’t sit there assuming a marketing technique will not work for you, when I can quickly tell you whether it will or won’t.

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