Why Quality Solicitors Hasn’t Been A Raging Success

The Big Mac is probably McDonalds best known burger.

Remember the song?

“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.”

There’s a formula there.

It tells you exactly how to make a McDonalds. If you walked into McDonalds in Leicester, you would get the same two beef patties with the same salad and sauce as you would do if you walked into McDonalds in Glasgow.

Consistency. That is what a brand is.

Look at Quality Solicitors and what you have is an umbrella brand where every solicitor acts totally differently from every other one. No consistency. No brand.

I remember in the early days I received a letter from a firm of solicitors that had joined Quality Solicitors that proudly explained their amazing service standards:Why Quality Solicitors Hasn’t Been A Raging Success

• Open 9 to 5pm;
• Reply to telephone calls within a day (I think it was);
• Etc

In other words, nothing that any other firm wasn’t already doing. The problem was that because the brand did not control the solicitors that were a part of it, they couldn’t make them change opening hours or improve service standards.

There was no consistency.

Do you know another place where solicitors also need consistency?


If you think about my McDonalds reference above, how long would it be before you stopped going back to McDonalds (or any other fast food outlet) when every time you did so you received a totally different Big Mac experience. In one place you might receive only one burger, in another three. No special sauce in one, ketchup in another. You would soon say “I am confused, I am not going there anymore”.

The same can be true of law firm websites. If I enter your website and it has a certain look and feel, but then I go onto your blog and it looks completely different, will I feel that I am still in the same place or will I be confused (even if this confusion is going on in my subconscious)?

If your website has a small header image, left sided navigation and a right side with your enquiry form and client reviews, but then when I visit your blog it has no header image and is just a page full of content right the way across the page, with no calls to action and no right hand side, I am going to be confused.

Confusion only leads to one action; termination of my visit to your website.

A blog, when done well, should bring you new clients every month. If you have a blog and it isn’t doing that, you are doing something wrong. I will share with you what that might be over the course of the next few weeks.

If you don’t have a blog but want to know why you should have one, you will discover that too.
You will discover how to do it well, to make it look right, how to generate the content and how to make it bring clients to you consistently.

If you would like a few more clients, I will show you how a blog can do this for you.

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