Your clients will tell you how to get more clients like them..

Your clients will tell you how to get more clients like themNow that you know, from my last blog post, that the sole purpose of your blog is to attract potential clients and encourage them to contact you, how do you come up with ideas to write the content that will achieve this aim for you?

The main point to remember is that your blogs or articles need to answer questions that your perfect prospects might ask.

Remember, Google is a ‘Search Engine’. What do most people ‘search’ for? Answers.

“How do I add content to my WordPress website?”

“How do I get to the top of the Google search results?”

“How do I collect more Google Reviews and jump to the top of the Google My Business Map listings in the search results?”

The last one is easy by the way – you simply read my complete guide to this included with Marketing4Solicitors membership which you can read here: //

Therefore, each blog post or article must answer a question that your perfect clients might ask.

When you think about that a little longer, one of the answers to coming up with article titles is right in front of you, isn’t it?

Answer a question that your clients might ask.

When you commit to adding new content to your website consistently, which is vital for the success of your website (and when I say success, I mean winning new clients for you), you start to listen to every question a client asks in an entirely different way.

Every time a client asks you a question about the law or your legal service, jot it into your pad or technological device of preference (mine is Noteability on the iPhone and iPad – it’s fantastic) and you will soon have virtually a limitless supply of article ideas which you KNOW are important to your clients because they have supplied them to you!

Until next week, keep listening to everything that your clients say. There’s treasure in them there questions I tell thee…..

In the next email I will show you how to use the mighty Google to give you the next batch of article titles.

Until then, keep on keeping on.


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