Legal Marketing – Your blog also has just ONE JOB to do.

One, simple job.

When you understand this, writing your blog, the design of your blog and everything else that goes on the pages of your blog become so much easier to decide upon.

So, what is the one, single job that your blog must do for you?Legal Marketing - Your blog also has just ONE JOB to do.

Well, let me tell you in a moment what it is not, based on my experience of working with a search engine marketing company.

This company were working with my clients to grow local search traffic so that my client would attract new clients. Now, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it?

No. The idea is sound. The execution of the idea, however, was fatally flawed.

Rather than focus on local traffic related to my clients’ business, they focused on matters such as local flower shows and local dog shows. They did this for months.

Guess what, the site attracted a lot more visitors.

Did any of them become clients.


Why not?

Because they were looking for information about the flower show, the dog show, the local stamp fair and all sorts of other irrelevant information. The people were not looking for a solicitor.

So, if your blog isn’t for local shows, what is it for.

Here it is:

The sole purpose of your blog, once people arrive there, is to make them contact you about your legal services.

The content, which we will cover in a later post, also has one job, a different one from the purpose of your blog, but this is your blog’s sole purpose.

Once you know this, you can ensure that your blog is designed to achieve that sole aim.
When asked the following questions, you will be able to answer them.

Q. Shall I put links to all of my other blog posts on every page of the blog so that my visitor can go and read more of my blogs?

A. No. That will distract them from the sole purpose of the blog. As most people only view one or two pages of a website, if I actively encourage them to go off and read more blog posts, the only thing that will happen is that they will become distracted, their time for finding a solicitor will expire and they will leave my site and go back to their day before calling me. What are the chances of them finding my site again when they resume their search? Zero.

Q. Shall I put prominent links to all of my social media profiles on every page of my blog?

A. Absolutely not! This would lead to my potential client clicking off to my social media profile then who knows where they will go from there. Once they are on LinkedIn or facebook before long they will be watching funny hamster or cat videos and will soon have forgotten about calling my firm for help with their legal issue.

Q. Shall I put all methods of contacting me at the end of every blog post to make it as easy as possible for my readers to get in touch.

A. Yes! My blog is designed to do one thing only; to make my telephone ring or to make people get in touch with me through any of my contact methods, so I absolutely should end every blog post with a hyperlinked telephone number (so that they can click to call you from their mobile) a linked email address and a link to a Free Enquiry Form on its own page (not on your contact page where more distractions exist).

Now you know the purpose of a blog, can you do me a favour please? If you have a blog, go and take a look at it and ensure that it is fulfilling its purpose. If not, now that you know this, make some changes!

Next time I am going to cover how you can come up with some great content ideas to make writing blog articles incredibly easy.


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