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If you receive a call from a client with an urgent and worrying legal problem, I expect that 9 times out of 10 you can instantly answer their question, put their mind at rest and leave them to get on with the rest of their day safe in the knowledge that you are taking care of things for them. In essence, sometimes your job is as a ‘peace of mind’ provider. I think that this is a great part of the service that you provide.

You are able to provide such ‘peace of mind’ because you are an expert in your area of law, and you enjoy helping your clients.

I experience the same sense of satisfaction (and sometimes euphoria) when a solicitor calls me because they have hit a marketing wall, around which they have no idea how to navigate. Often they must circumnavigate the wall before they can achieve the Holy Grail of a steady and consistent flow of new client instructions, so they are very keen to find a quick solution to allow them to move forwards.

So they call me, I answer their question (based on my experience of having already navigated around the wall with hundreds of other solicitors) and they can move on to creating their perfect system for attracting new clients to their practice.

They need to do this because every firm needs a system in place which works with or without them, month after month.

I am frequently told by my Marketing4Solicitors members that the ability to call me and ask for help is a huge benefit of the service. They can get from A to B so much more quickly, and without making the expensive mistakes that other solicitors who do not have access to me as a resource are making.
In this ever more competitive legal world in which we operate, moving quickly is a real advantage.



It is what will allow smaller firms to compete with and beat the new larger entrants to the legal services market.

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