How Can A Solicitor Increase Turnover By £20,000 In 90 Days

How can a solicitor generate an additional £20,000 a month in turnover in just 90 days time? Would you like to know the formula that you can use to do this and the exact process to follow to make it happen?

Maybe that isn’t your number. Maybe you would like to see a £5,000 a month increase in your billing, or even £100,000 a month.

The number itself isn’t important particularly, what is important is deciding on a figure, then working back from there before finally doing the most important part, planning out exactly how you are going to make it happen.

Most solicitors look solely at their billing targets and blindly hope that they will hit them.

Smart solicitors work back from the targets that they want to reach, assess how many new clients they will need each month over and above their current client intake, then work out how many enquiries they will need to generate those clients, before heading out to get them.

All of the smart solicitors that I know are just about to get posted to them the exact formula to use to geneate an increase in turnover of £20,000 a month, a 90 day plan to achieve it in and the methods that they need to use to generate their increase in turnover by the beginning of December and all in the precise order that they need to follow to make it happen.

I have chosen the figure of £20,000 per month, but the formula can be used to generate the increase in turnover that you would like to see before the end of the year.

If you want to be one of the smart solicitors receiving this formula, you need to sign up for Marketing4Solicitors by Friday of this week to guarantee being on the mailing list.

Do this and by this time next week you could be using the quiet time in August to map out your route to an additional £20,000 in turnover by December (and every month thereafter).

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