Double your law firm turnover in 2019

If you look back at the last few years you may well find, that despite your best intentions to grow your law firm, it has pretty much stayed in the same place. 

If you were at £200,000 turnover in 2017, you were probably close to the same figure in 2018 and, more likely than not, you will be at the same place in 2019 too.

If you were turning over £4-500,000 in 2017, the chances are that you were turning over the same at the end of 2018 too.

And if you were at £1.25-1.5 million turnover, you are likely to stay around there too.

Why is this?

From my hundreds of conversations with solicitors every year, I know that theDouble your law firm turnover in 2019 answer most certainly isn’t that solicitors don’t want to grow their law firm. Far from it in fact. Most solicitors are incredibly keen to see growth in turnover and profits, but it doesn’t happen.

I am sure this year that you may well have committed to yourself and possibly even your family that this year will see the growth that you desire. This year will be different…

Two weeks in, how is that resolve holding up?

If you really want to see that growth this year, I can promise you that it is out there, despite any external factors such as Brexit. You might have to focus on some areas of law more than others, but growth is available and is not even that difficult.

It does require certain elements though:

  1. Do something different; and
  2. Commit to making it a habit;

If what you have done before now has got you to where you are now, doing the same thing is NOT going to get you to the next level. You know that, otherwise it would already have happened over the course of the last three years.

You either need to do more of what is working, or you need to add something new to the mix to bring in those extra clients.

It is not that there are 100 different things you need to consider either. It is much easier than that.

There are four main marketing activities that can grow your firm. I talk about them as the Marketing Arteries in my book The Law Firm Growth Formula.

For a law firm they are:

  1. A good, easy to use website that grows consistently with fresh content that answers the questions that your prospects are asking;
  2. A regular (at least monthly) email that goes to your prospects and clients old and new so that they NEVER forget who THEIR solicitor is and the full range of services that they provide;
  3. Google Ads (formerly Adwords) to deliver more people to your website at the precise moment in time that they are looking for a solicitor (unlike facebook which pops up in front of millions of people who are not looking for a solicitor every day – a key point of distinction and the reason that it doesn’t work as well for solicitors as Google Ads); and
  4. A referral scheme that is measured and improved upon month after month, year after year and that delivers a consistent flow of new clients to solicitors.

The chances are that you already know that one of these Arteries needs to be put in place in your law firm. You have probably known it for the last few years, but day to day ‘stuff’ has got in the way and the year has finished before you had time to do anything about it.

You won’t let that happen again this year, will you? Please don’t. I can’t tell you how many solicitors I speak with who some year or two later are still ‘hoping’ that this year will be the year of growth.

Please don’t ‘hope’ for growth. Plan for it. Do something different and commit to following it through. Commit to making it happen to another law firm owner, commit it to a friend or commit it to me as a consultancy client, but commit it to someone and make it happen.

If you don’t know where to start, why not do what these solicitors have done?

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I am here to help you. You know that this year you need to do something different this year if you REALLY want to see the growth in your law firm that you desire.

Take a step towards it happening by discovering what action you should be taking by reading my book.

If you have already read it and need some help applying the finishing touches to your plan, let me guide you on a call.

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