Generating Your Own Personal Injury Leads And Instructions

Whilst the personal injury market is, in my opinion, the most competitive sector of the legal services market, you still can market your own personal injury services and win some more instructions. Ultimately, how to market personal injury services is no different from how you should market your other legal services. Admittedly there is a lot more competition for every single client, but the fact remains that if you follow good marketing systems you will attract personal injury clients.

In fact, you have an advantage over the national advertisers, law groups and claims companies, in that you have a local presence in a local community. The question is; are you making the most of this local presence?

Are you keeping in touch with every single client or prospect that ever walks through your office doors? Are you taking their email address and sending them something, anything, at least once a month, and on every email reminding them of your full range of services, including personal injury claims? If you are not, then you are missing a huge opportunity to generate personal injury leads without any significant cost in this way.

Do you advertise your services locally? Are you making the most of your advertisements to ensure that they generate new instructions for you?

Do your team make the most of every new client enquiry that comes through your door, or are they letting some good claims slip through their fingers?

Finally, are you making the most of the free, local website traffic for people who are looking for your personal injury services right now? Whilst much of the personal injury online marketing is expensive, you can achieve some excellent results with local website marketing.

To find out how you can really start generating more of your own personal injury leads, you should read my free guide: 5 Methods To Attract Personal Injury Clients.

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