Your Law Firm Marketing MOT Part 2

In the first part of your law firm marketing MOT, I covered client newsletters and generating free traffic for your website. To read that part again, please click below:

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In this email, I want to ask you whether you are using two other forms of marketing to attract new clients to your practice, and if not, why not?

3. Google Advertising

Is your website appearing on Google using their Pay Per Click advertising platform? Whilst getting to the top of Google using search engine marketing methods takes a fair amount of time and energy, you could appear at the very top of the Google search results and on the right hand side of them within minutes of reading this article.

There are two reasons why I am a huge fan of this method of advertising for solicitors, and you should like both of them a lot:

  1. People will find your website at the exact time that they are looking for your legal services. Unlike traditional advertising when you are promoting your services to people who may not be interested in them, if someone types into Google “Conveyancing Solicitor Reading” (or whatever your service and location is) and your website appears in front of them, your chances of winning an instruction from them are dramatically improved.
  2. It brings clients to you with very little effort on your part. Most solicitors I meet entered the legal profession to practice law. They did not enter to become a marketing expert. Therefore, once you have set up your Google Pay Per Click advertising you can let it keep running for you and keep delivering new clients to you. Isn’t that a perfect type of marketing for a solicitor?

If you have never tried Google Advertising before, you should do now. If you have tried it and failed to make it work, unless you are in the most competitive field of personal injury law, you should try it again. Even if you practice personal injury law, you can still promote your business for local search terms and achieve good results.

To find out more about Pay Per Click advertising you can see more here:

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4. Advertising?

Despite my comment above, traditional newspaper and magazine advertisements still work and produce leads for solicitors IF:

  1. You choose the right publication for your target audience; and
  2. You write the advertisement focused on generating instant instructions (not just listing your services with your logo at the top – if you are doing this you MUST make changes immediately – see below); and
  3. You change your advertisement regularly!

Below is a full page advertisement from Google in a business magazine. Think about this for a moment. This is Google, controller of everything on the internet, able to put its own website and services at the top of every search result, yet choosing to promote its services in a printed business magazine.

Google Print Advertisement

If the King of the internet realises that there are still new clients to be won in printed papers and magazines, that should tell you that the same is true for you too!

Advertising is still an incredibly effective way to generate instant client instructions. Are you using it for your practice? If you have a regular advertisement running in your local newspaper are you changing it and following the vital rules of successful advertising?

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