Growing A Law Firm From £1-500,000 To £1 Million Plus

How do you take a solicitors practice from £1-500,000 to over £1 million?

Would you like to know?

OK, let me share with you the formula, based on having achieved this with dozens of firms over the last few years.

Growing A Law Firm To £1 Million PlusFirst, you have to start to properly track all the enquiries for your services coming into your practice.

You start to ask how every single enquiry has been generated so that you know which of your marketing activities are producing results.

This is easier to do than you probably believe. What you don’t do is ask your fee earners to do this. They will just mess it up. You get it done far more effectively and cheaply than that.

Once you have your starting point of leads coming in, you then track how many of these convert into new client instructions.

When you have this figure, you keep trying to improve it.

How? You improve your initial call handling processes, you improve the initial “meaningful conversation” that you have with your prospects and then you improve the follow up process. Often, for many firms, this means that you actually put in place a follow up process because most firms do not have one (huge and costly mistake).

Once again, if you want this to work well, the follow up process, you take fee earners out of the equation. Leave them to do what they do best; look after their clients.

When this process is a well-oiled machine, the fun part starts.

You put more enquiries into your practice and really start to see the growth that you desire.

You add one new marketing tactic. You track it, you measure it and then you improve it.

Then you add another.

Then another.

As soon as is possible, you, the main man or woman, stops fee earning. This is a vital part of the process. If you are serious about growing your practice, it happens today.

If you need a bit more cash flow, it happens in three months’ time.

Any longer than that and you will drift and drag and falter. Make the decision. Stick to it. Watch your firm grow.

This is it.

It works.

It is a proven, tried and tested formula.

It is everything you need to know to grow your firm from £1-500,000 to £1 million plus in turnover.

Now that you have the formula, how many of the 2000+ solicitors reading this do you think will take action and make progress?

I am pretty confident that only 0 to 2% will do anything about it at all. They might decide that taking some action seems like a good idea, but in a few weeks will stop.

That means that less than 1% will actually go on and make it happen. Out of 2,000 solicitors, that means less than 20 of you will achieve your growth plans and increase your turnover.


All sorts of reasons will give you the ‘excuse’ to keep on doing what you have always done.

It might be your fee earners that will stop you. It could be your home life. It could be your demanding clients or your unruly business partners that just won’t do what you want them to do.

You could even blame the economy; that’s been a good one to blame for the last few years.

“Oh the economy. No one can be expected to grow a law firm in this economy, can they? So the fact that I am just getting by is fine; well done me.”

You can pick any excuse you like, as long as you accept that it is just that, an excuse.

I can tell you who won’t be making these excuses over the next three months. The solicitors who download my guide below and then email me to set up a one to one call where I will explain precisely what they need to do to grow their law firm.

They won’t be making these excuses because I will explain what they need to do to work their way around any of the obstacles currently preventing their progress.

When fee earners are slowing down the process, I will show them how to take the fee earners out of the equation.

When they are having a bad day, I will put my arm around them and support and encourage them.

When they need some tougher love I will provide that too – carrot or stick – whichever is required to ensure that they fulfil their potential.

This is what I do and this is how I am here to help you.

If you would like my help, start by simply downloading my free book by clicking the button below, then I will explain how you can arrange a no obligation More Clients Now strategy call with me.

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