Is This Your Legal Reception Experience?

I want to tell you about my favourite law firm. This one is amazing and every time I visit this firm I have the same experience.

I walk into reception and the receptionist instantly stops what she is doing, looks up and welcomes me “Good morning Mr Jervis, you are here to see Mr Jones aren’t you. Please take a seat for a moment and I will let him know that you are here. Would you like a tea or coffee?”

The receptionist knows who I am and who I am here to see because every morning she prepares a list of visitors, who they are going to see and then puts a reminder in her diary for ten minutes before the appointment time so that she can welcome them by their name.

Whilst I wait in reception I am always impressed by the framed posters on the walls. These are always changing and they have a variety of different messages. Some are photographs of clients with amazing feedback about the legal service they have received, whilst others are promoting webinars that they will be holding over the course of the next month and explaining how people can register free of charge. What a great way of educating clients about their legal services. Other posters contain a list of their core legal services, reminding me that a fee initial appointment is just a quick chat away with the receptionist.

Once I have finished looking at the posters my attention turns to the very tidy table in front of me. I pick up a ring binder entitled “Smithers Jones In The News” which contains all of the press cuttings featuring the law firm. This is stacked with press cuttings with the most recent ones situated at the front of the folder.

After this I look at the folder interestingly entitled “What Did You Say?” I pick it up and find lots of letters from very happy clients. Impressive!

I am just about to turn my attention to the promotional items (postcards, brochures, fact sheets e.t.c.) when my coffee arrives and the receptionist tells me that Mr Jones is ready for me and she takes me through to the interview room.

Mr Jones is waiting for me and we get down to business. I notice that facing me in the meeting room are a range of brochures for their entire range of legal services with the question on the holder “If you need any help, please ask.” I cannot help but notice the wide range of legal services offered by this firm and am confident that they can deal with any of my legal enquiries in the future. The meeting room has more posters with details of services and some interesting case studies of successfully concluded legal matters.

Half way through the meeting the receptionist enters discreetly and asks if I would like another tea or coffee. Once again she had set herself a reminder to check after 45 minutes.

I leave after a good meeting and as I walk back into reception the receptionist says my name as I leave and fires a very quick question at me “Is there anything else we can help you with today Mr Jervis?” I reply that I am fine for today, but thank her for asking.

What a great experience.

Of course the law firm I am talking about is hypothetical, but if I did run a law firm this is very much how I would make it happen. Can you do this?

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