Referrals For Solicitors And How To Generate More Referrals

Solicitors Love Referrals. This is a fact. However, I know from experience that not many solicitors have a plan to generate more referrals. Why is that? How Do Solicitors Generate More Referrals?

Below is an article from one of my printed issues of my Solicitors Marketing4Solicitors Newsletter providing a full system showing solicitors how to generate more referrals. This newsletter is published 10 times each year. If you want to find out how to receive these newsletters alongside an online marketing learning platform for solicitors, sign up for more information about Marketing4Solicitors at the foot of this article.

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I bet you love a referral don’t you? Somebody who already knows, likes and trusts you refers you to a friend or colleague. You get a new client who is pre-sold on you. Cost is not usually an issue. Everyone is happy.

With that in mind, I have some questions for you:

  1. How many referrals did you get last month?
  2. What were they worth to your business?
  3. How did you reward your referrers?
  4. How will you get more referrals next month?

What do you mean you don’t know? You just nodded your head when you said you love referrals, didn’t you?Therefore, you should know the answers to these questions.

When you do, you get even more referrals which make you even happier. That is why Referrals are the focus of the Extreme Close Up in Marketing4Solicitors this month. They are important to your business. Spend more time ensuring that you have a system in place for them and you will get more and more of them. Maybe putting into place a proper, watertight referral system could be your core marketing task for the next few days?

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I said in the introduction to this issue of Marketing4Solicitors that all solicitors I meet love referrals. Love them.

It is not hard to see why. When someone is referred to you they are so much more likely to become a good client because:

  1. They are referred by someone who already knows, likes and trusts you; and
  2. They usually know, like and trust the person that has referred them.

Therefore, unless you completely blow it, they are more likely than not going to become a new client of your law firm.

Two things puzzle me when it comes to referrals and solicitors, though:

  1. The fact that nearly every solicitor that I speak with doesn’t actively measure who refers what to them; and
  2. No solicitor I ever met has actively sought out more referrals through a ‘referral campaign’.

I have covered with you before that if you receive referrals it is absolutely your duty to measure them so that you can ensure you thank, reward and reciprocate your referrers. If you don’t what is to stop them going elsewhere?

I am not for a minute suggesting you start offering them referral fees, by the way. I hate that stuff as much as you do too. That being said, you must measure the volume of referrals that you receive from all of your referral partners so that you can ensure that you either reciprocate, send them a bottle, take them out to dinner or at the very least send them a thank you note.

If you tot up your referrals you might be pleasantly surprised what they are worth to your business.

You might have three active referral partners each sending, let’s say, just one client each month to your business. Using a very low average billing fee of £1,000 per client, that would be £3,000 per month or £36,000 per month in fees. What would you pay someone to give you £36,000 worth of business?

What would you pay someone to give you £36,000 worth of business?

Most solicitors receive a much larger volume of referral business than this, but I wanted to put a financial figure on this so that you realise how important this topic is.

Here is my three step plan for you to transform that £36,000 into £100,000 or even more!

  1. Measure your current referrals
  2. Reward your current referrers
  3. Actively seek more referrals and more referral partners

I will look at each part in turn, because every step of the process has opportunity for you to optimise and improve it and the results that it produces for you.

Measuring Your Current Referrals

“I knew it was good, but I had no idea it was that good!”

I have heard this several times when I force a new client to track and measure all of their referrals. I say ‘force’ because that is what it usually takes to get them to do what I know they need to do to improve the success and profitability of their law firm.

Once I have forced them to look at all of the referrals that they have received and calculate the value of those referrals to the business in terms of straight profit costs they then say:

“I knew it was good, but I had no idea it was that good!”

This made me chuckle. After I had finished writing the part of M4S above to take scheduled client calls, on one of those calls a client said exactly these words above as I had ‘forced’ him to see who referred business to him and how much it was worth to his business.
Referrals matter! What gets measured gets better!

Once you see the pounds and pence figure of profit costs that referrals bring into your law firm, you realise how very important it is to consistently track and measure this and then to ensure that your referral partners are happy with the relationship.
Let’s move on to the reward part now.

Rewarding Your Referral Partners

My clients often find this part the most difficult, yet I think it is really quite straightforward.

As I have said before, I am not looking for you to pay referrers for each peace of work. I think that if you do pay referrals for every piece of work the relationship is doomed for several reasons:

  1. You will soon resent paying for new clients;
  2. You are not in charge of your own marketing but relying on someone else to deliver clients to you. If they become a major provider of work to your business, you can break my Golden Rule of Marketing4Solicitors number One (see the webinar in the PrivateZone and M4S 63 for the updated version) and become too reliant on one source of new business above all others (as many personal injury solicitors did with accident claim companies).
  3. Once your referrer gets used to receiving regular chunks of money from you, the natural and inevitable conclusion is that he or she will ask for more money, i.e. larger referral fees. We have seen this with estate agents and accident claim companies. I remember when in practice that referral fees for accident claims started at around £250 but very quickly went past £1,000 per claim and beyond. Unsustainable.

So, if not referral fees, what should you do for your referral partners?

It depends!

If you want to know what to buy your other half for Christmas, or your children or anyone for that matter, how do you find out?

You ask them!

Same with referrals. If you do your measuring from step one above and discover that one referrer is sending a huge amount of new business your way (which most solicitors do when they do this exercise) the easiest thing to do is to go old school. Take them out to lunch or dinner, spend some time getting to really know them, discovering their own and their families hobbies and interests and their food and beverage preferences, pay for dinner and you will be armed with all of the information to randomly reward them when the time feels right.

I want to stress the RANDOM part there. Keep the gift random so that it doesn’t become tied to referrals or raise an expectation in your referrer’s mind that they receive something every time they refer some new business to you.

You might buy them one bottle of wine, two or six. You might give them tickets to a concert for a musician that you now know they like or buy them a voucher for dinner with their family at a nice restaurant. It might even be as simple as a thank you card. What it can’t be (or continue to be if it has been until this point) is absolutely nothing.

There simply cannot be a long term relationship of any type where one side constantly gives and the other constantly takes. Remember my “Referral Triangle of Mutual Benefit”?

Referral Triangle of Mutual Benefit For Solicitors

In this relationship between the referred client, the referrer and the solicitor everyone has to get something from the relationship for it to work:

If three-way mutual benefit doesn’t exist guess what happens? The triangle collapses and becomes a flat line! That won’t work.

Referrals For Solicitor Flatline

Reward your referrer from time to time and you will keep them happy and keep them referring.

Now that you know how to look after your existing referrers, shouldn’t you think about obtaining some more?

Finding More Referrers!

Good news, there isn’t just one opportunity for referrals here. Nor are there just two, but there are in fact three potential sources of referrals for solicitors:

  1. Business referral partners;
  2. Your existing clients; and
  3. Other solicitors

Let’s look at each of them in turn.

Referral Opportunity 1 – Business referral partners

There are two ways here to get more referrals from business partners:

  1. Get more referrals from existing partners; and
  2. Find more referral partners just like them.

The first one is as simple as asking your referrer if there are opportunities for you to help them more that may also produce more referrals for you. Yes, I am banging on about mutual benefit again here, because this will be far more effective for you than just asking for more referrals.

Here are some ways that you can generate some referrals for your business whilst adding benefit to your referral partner’s business too (win, win):

This is how you can add value to your existing referral partners and generate new referrals for your business whilst providing some value for their business too.

Once you have maximised the referrals from your existing referral partners, why not find some more?

If you are regularly told by your existing referral partners that you add a lot of value to their clients, why wouldn’t someone else with the same type of business as your referral partner want to send their clients to you too?

This is the approach I suggest that you use to find these prospects:

Step 1 – Connect on LinkedIn

Head to LinkedIn and do a search in the top bar for the type of business that you know has potential clients for you:

Make sure you select the “People” search rather than the “Jobs” one.

You can only connect with people who are second connections with you, so select this from the “Connections” drop down.

Then filter your search to find people close to your business (if geography is important to you) by adding your county or town name as shown below:

You will now be presented with a list of potential referral partners.

Connect with them. Preferably add a personal message, for example:

“Nick, I see you are also in Reading so I thought it would be worth connecting as I am sure we can help each other’s businesses in some way, shape or form. I would be happy to meet for a coffee and a chat.”

It will work without a personal message too; just possibly not quite so well.

Step 2 – Post articles to LinkedIn

Now that you are expanding your network with people who could be potential referral partners, you need them to see that you are an expert in your field. You should really be doing this already, but if not then starting it now would be a good idea.

Post articles about your topic of expertise (linking to the main article but including the headline, topic summary and if possible at all ask a question about the subject matter to get responses on LinkedIn).

Check to see who engages with your post (likes it or comments on it) and of course if and when potential referral partners do so, message them inside LinkedIn to push for that coffee that I mention above. Remember to talk about the benefits to their business not your own.

Step 3 – Rinse and repeat ad inifinitum

Keep posting to LinkedIn (weekly if you can, monthly as a minimum – make a diary note) and also make a repeating diary note to do the ‘search and connect’ process every month to continually grow your network with potential referral partners.

Referral Opportunity 2 – Your existing clients

Your existing clients already know like and trust you.

Q. What is the easiest way to obtain recommendations and referrals from your existing clients?

A. Send them an email EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH.

I love it when one feature article (referrals) allows me to smash you over the head with another of my Marketing Arteries (email marketing), also known as the methods of marketing that every smart solicitor (in other words every Marketing4Solicitors member) should be doing which by way of a reminder are:

  1. A website that consistently grows with lovely new content;
  2. Email marketing
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Referrals

By sending an email every month to your clients, you are forced to create new content for your website (Artery 1), you send that email to your clients (Artery 2) and also to all of your referrers (Artery 4).

That can’t be a bad thing can it?

In addition to this you are also reminding your clients that you exist and of the range of services that you provide, so that when a friend or family member asks them if they know a solicitor, instead of saying “I can’t remember who I used last time because it was three or four years ago and I haven’t heard from them since…” they now say: “Oh, hang on a minute, I had an email from my solicitor last week.”

Let me forward that on to you so you can give them a call.”

Note the use now of My Solicitor because you have remained in their mind since that lovely employment law matter you handled for them four years ago.

Two additional ways of obtaining more referrals from your existing clients are:

Monthly email wording for near the end of the email

We are incredibly lucky to work with some wonderful clients. If you know anyone else that could benefit from our legal services, please do introduce us. We really appreciate recommendations and referrals from our clients.

One off email

Subject: Can we help anyone that you know?

Dear Mrs Grouse,

Having used our legal services in the past, we hope that you experienced how hard we work to deliver a great service for our clients.
We don’t know if you know this, but a lot of our new clients are recommended to us by existing clients. This has the benefit for us that we know we will get on with them because they are recommended by someone that we already know, like and trust.

I am emailing today to explain that we are currently running a campaign to raise money for the local charity XXX. For every new client that comes to us in January recommended by one of our existing clients, we are donating £50.

If you know anyone that could use our legal services right now (the full range of our services is at the foot of this email) all that you need to do is to forward this email to them and ask them to mention the XXX charity and your name when they call us so that we can make the donation in your name by way of a thank you for recommending us.

Even if they do not refer you as a result of the email (I suggest sending one at the beginning of the month and one nearer to the end to give yourself two bites of the cherry), two things will happen:

Could you run this promotion in the next month or two to drive more referrals from existing clients?

Put it in the diary. Be brave. Get some new work the easy way and support a charity at the same time.

Referral Opportunity 3- Solicitors

Other solicitors are one of the biggest referral methods for many of my clients. If you work in a niche, there will be three or four firms that also operate in niche areas who would be very happy to refer work to you on the basis that you reciprocate to them.

The additional benefit of this three, four or eight way symbiotic relationship is that you can now talk about other areas of law in your email newsletters aside from just your own. You can ask your fellow solicitors for content for your email marketing newsletter and provide content for theirs too so that you cross-promote each other’s services.

Remember when you do this though to keep control of the referral so that you can track how many clients you have sent to each solicitor to ensure that they reciprocate. The easy way to do this when you include their article in your email newsletter is to not name the solicitor, but to explain that you have a very close relationship with a solicitor in this field of law and if your clients would like an introduction all they need to do is to call you or reply to the email. You can then introduce them to the solicitor, thereby ensuring that you receive the credit for the referral.

How do you find more solicitors like this to generate referrals from?

You use my LinkedIn three step referral process above!


I started by saying that solicitors LOVE referrals.

I have given you several opportunities to generate MORE referrals. I ask of you two things:

  1. Please, please, please use these opportunities in your practice; and
  2. When you do, and they work, which they will, please do let me know. It’s what makes my day and keeps me going😊.

As I mentioned, this is one article from my printed Marketing4Solicitors newsletter. To receive these articles as they are written, plus access to a whole host of online marketing resources showing solicitors exactly what they need to do to grow their law firm, please click the button below:

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I was in the car with my lovely 21 year old daughter the other day. It’s her first car and she has had it for four years from new – I need to tell you that as it is an important part of the story….

It was one of those recent very hot days and her car was sweltering.

Both being hayfever sufferers, we had the windows shut and my daughter put the fans on fast.

I realised that warm air alone wasn’t going to be enough to cool us so I pressed the aircon button and felt the relief of very cold air on my face.

At the same time as I did this my daughter’s jaw dropped to the floor.Get New Clients For Solicitors By Pressing The Google Ads Button

“Wow, cold air, how?” she exclaimed!

“I have been sweating furiously for four years. I thought that the fan was as good as the aircon got!?!”

Now I must point out at this point that Megan is a bright girl, but for some reason she hadn’t mentioned her oven of a car to me for four years and just accepted it.

She didn’t realise it was as simple as pressing a button and then, hey presto, cold air came out.

I am sure she is using her car more than before now that it is nice and cool. The story still keeps making me chuckle!

When it comes to winning clients, not all marketing is as simple as pressing a button and watching the clients come marching along to your door (or your Zoom call these days).

However, Google Ads is that simple.

Turn it on, just like the air conditioning, get prospects looking for your services to your website and then turn them into new clients. Bingo!

You need someone who knows what they are doing with Google Ads, but when you find that person and they set it all up correctly for you it really is ‘push the button and away you go’.

I have taken over the management of a few Google Ads campaigns recently from other ‘specialist’ legal marketing companies, and on every occasion I have achieved much better results for my clients, meaning more enquiries for their services.

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“Nick had been advising me to start an email newsletter for ages but I was put off because I wanted to prepare a list of all of my old clients first. I finally took action when he reminded me and said “just start the list today”, so I did.

Nick was right. Within four months I have an email list of 1,000 people and it is growing all of
the time, as are my referrals!”



“Nick showed me how to get 50% more clicks at the same time as saving money every month using Google Adwords. That’s what I call a result – well done Nick!”

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Sarah Young, Partner, Ridley & Hall Solicitors

“I have been working with Nick Jervis for well over a year now. I am a subscriber to the Marketing for Solicitors Service which has taught me integral techniques and tricks of the trade to grow my firm.

I can honestly say that Nick Jervis taught me a number of techniques that I would not ordinarily have thought of.
I feel that Nick Jervis is essential if you are serious about growing your business.

I would recommend his services to anyone who is serious about growing their firm.

I feel that Nick has totally transformed the way we now think and he is a genius in the world of marketing for law firms.

In my opinion, the consultancy offered by Nick Jervis will drive real value to your business.”

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

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Imran Ali

“I went to see Nick in 2012 when I need to drastically change my publicity strategy generally and my website. He gave me a great deal of very wise advice and as a result my turnover has increased considerably. My website was also revamped and this is now regularly at the top of the Google Adwords site resulting in far more enquiries in a week than I previously had in a month! I cannot thank Nick enough for this and will thoroughly recommend his firm to anyone who enquires.”

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

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Martin Smith, Martin T Smith Solicitor

Having spoken to Nick before my meeting with him I felt sure he’d come up with a good marketing plan, and I wasn’t disappointed.

As a solicitor he understood the challenges we face immediately, and came up with two or three quick fixes that have already brought in additional fees.

His plan was very clear, practical, and tailored to the needs of my firm.

Thanks to Nick’s advice I feel much more confident in the future and would heartily recommend his services.

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

Legal Marketing Services

Charles Fuchter – Stephens & Son LLP

“It is good to have a professional relationship with someone who understands the legal profession and has the experience to know what marketing works.

We have spent a lot of money previously coming to the same conclusions and if we had worked with Nick sooner no doubt it would have saved a lot of time and money.

Nick is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and is able to provide sound advice in the specialist field of solicitors marketing.”

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

Legal Marketing Services

Simon Jenkins – Curtis Legal Ltd

“I think Nick’s service and focus on the solicitor market is excellent. He clearly “gets it” as regards promotion of legal practice in the current age.”

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

Legal Marketing Services

David Gordon – DG Law

I have now worked with Nick Jervis for a little while and find his no nonsense approach and expertise particularly helpful, a breath of fresh air in an industry populated to a large extent by ‘marketing consultants’ who are really only interested in feathering their own nest!

Q1: What were your perceptions or concerns before you joined Marketing4Solicitors?
I was reticent having been contacted by many ‘legal marketers’ over the last 15 years

Q2: How has that perception changed?
considerably – Nick provides no nonsense solutions

Q3: What is the biggest benefit of Marketing4Solicitors so far?
Resources – it has given me the impetus and confidence I need to create a proper marketing plan and implement it


Ian Hass, Ellis Hass Solicitors

I used Nick Jervis’ Pastor Advertising Formula and generated 2,500 queries within one week of two newspaper ads!

Paul Doran – Doran Law Solicitors

Nick Jervis at Samson Consulting a non practicing solicitor has a straight forward and pragmatic approach to marketing which is fresh and easily absorbed. Again if you don’t sign up for his free marketing guide it’s your loss.

Paul Hajek, Clutton Cox Solicitors

Nick Jervis was recommended to me from a well respected colleague who had also received advice and assistance in relation to the development of her practice. Her words to me were something like; “Use Nick he will get you results.”

As a new practice specialising in an extremely competitive area of the law I was eager to give ourselves the very best chance of growing the business. It seemed to me that as Nick was a former solicitor who had years of practising experience he would already know the marketplace.

Unlike other marketeers, he would also have a real appreciation of what my job entails on a day-to-day basis giving him a very good head start. Nick’s initial “health check” was certainly a worthwhile exercise.

In the first instance I found Nick very personable and easy to get along with. After asking me a series of questions about our practice he produced suggestions in relation to how we should go about growing the business.

What I liked about Nick’s approach was that he came up with a number of practical suggestions that we could start working on straight away and these did not necessarily involve any expense. He kept things simple and did not overload me with too many ideas and unrealistic targets.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Jervis and his company enthusiastically and wholeheartedly (my only reservation is that if too many other people get to know about him it may make life more difficult for us!).

Chris Carter, Carter & Carter Solicitors

Before the meeting I thought the fee was too expensive but was persuaded to go ahead by the no quibble money back guarantee. In my book that shows someone who has confidence in his own service. And I was not disappointed! Within 15 minutes of meeting Nick I realized his fee was real value for money. He opened my eyes to the steps I could take that would make a difference. If you want to spend a day at the end of which you’ll have an action plan with the tools and precedents to kick start you into activity, then Nick is the man for you. If you want to spend a day achieving nothing then he’s not!

Elizabeth Kingsley-Smith – Kingsley Smith Solicitors

The decision to involve an “outsider” in the running of our firm was a big step for us to take. The thought of giving someone the opportunity to potentially criticise your efforts is never easy. We are however delighted to say that working with Nick has been refreshing and enlightening.

His knowledge and understanding of the nuances of a legal firm has enabled us to work in partnership to improve the marketing of our practice to both new and existing clients alike. Many of his ideas have been simple and relatively inexpensive to incorporate.

We have no doubt that our partnership with Nick has improved the profile of our firm.

Pearson Rowe Solicitors

We were unsure of the benefits that might accrue from the Hidden Profits Discovery Day and concerned that the day would peter out. We were also suspicious that we might find that we would not be able to take advantage of what might be on offer. However, the day was pretty much full-on and we had all of our preconceptions overturned.

The three biggest benefits of the Hidden Profits Discovery Day were that:

We are now putting more concentrated effort into marketing

We are producing much improved decision-making on our marketing ideas

Our business plan has more focussed marketing objectives than previously

It is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about improving the marketing of your business.

We particularly liked Nick’s honest and open approach to the whole subject and the fact that he is prepared to ‘tell it like it is’. Nick’s experience with this area of the law was invaluable and saved a lot of time. He provides a refreshing way to look at marketing and a practical way of doing things better.

Our investment has already been repaid and we fully expect to cover the cost many times over.

Bakers Solicitors

Tim Bishop

When I started receiving Nick’s advice on pay per click advertising, I followed some of it [with a considerable degree of success] but really didn’t think it was necessary to follow it all. Well, not for the 1st time, I have had to eat my words. In the last year or so I have mended my ways and now follow Nick’s advice to the letter. The statistics speak for themselves.

In the period 19/6/10 to 18/7/10 my monthly pay per click campaign cost me £1,831.58 [that’s 735 clicks at an average of £2.49 each]. I thought that was pretty good. However, since taking on all of Nick’s advice, the identical period this year saw a massive improvement in broadly identical campaigns – 1,078 clicks at an average of just £1.64 each, totalling £1,764.77.

So not only have I saved myself over £50 every month, but I also get almost 50% more clicks! That’s what I call a result – well done Nick!

Tim Bishop, Bonallack And Bishop Solicitors

1. What made you decide to attend a Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting?

I was suitably impressed with the various emails that I received giving Solicitors marketing advice. In addition once i became a member of Marketing4Solicitors i found a wealth of marketing information from someone with enough experience to know what works and what does not work when marketing a Solicitors Practice.

2. Are you glad you attended? If yes, please explain why.

I am delighted I attended the meeting. I found the advice both relevant and practical in relation to my goals for the business.

3. Any other comments?

I am delighted with the expert guidance and advice which Nick has provided ranging from advice on the proper format of print advertising, cross selling of services to the many other services he provides. His enthusiasm for marketing is infectious and his ideas and advice are well thought out and relevant. I have no doubt that his advice and guidance will prove beneficial to my business going forward.

Patrick O’Hare – Paschal O’Hare Solicitors

Nick has a wealth of practical experience in helping solicitors to generate the kind of business they seek.

In the increasingly competitive post-ABS world, marketing is becoming a vital issue not just for growth but the very survival of many law firms.

Nick is a really cost-effective resource to help guide law firms through the coming business environment.

Martin Wyatt

Up to 2009, our marketing strategy amounted to little more than a brass plaque and an advert in Yellow Pages. Whilst this had been perfectly adequate in the 1990s and before, we were beginning to notice that it was no longer paying dividends. Our fee income was starting to dwindle. We contacted a friend of ours who had already used Marketing4solicitors, and were introduced to Nick Jervis. For the next three years we received invaluable advice from Nick. We totally revamped our website and started a Google Pay Per Click campaign. We revised our office and reception area and joined networking groups. We started a regular campaign of e-flyering our clients, and built up a substantial database. We contributed articles to magazines all over the internet, began an active blog page, got onto Facebook and Twitter, and improved our customer capture procedures. Within a few months our fee income had begun to rise sharply, and we began to see a substantial increase in new enquiries. After a few years we merged with a larger firm, but there is no doubt that we would have been of little interest had we tried to continue without the benefit of Nick’s advice.

Consultancy Client – Anyonymous

1. What made you decide to attend a Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting?

Always happy to find out if someone else has a fresh view on the age-old problems of proffessional firm management.

2. Are you glad you attended? If yes, please explain why.

Yes, good meeting, firmly grounded in ‘do-able’ actions rather than the creation of some grand – and unfeasible – masterplan.

3. Any other comments?

Very worthwhile meeting. Nick was enthusiastic, fast paced and set-out a clear series of steps to be taken and a sensible plan to achieve them. Nick is refreshingly free of management-speak, invigorating and reassuringly demanding.

David Edwards, Managing Partner, Burt Brill & Cardens

Nick Jervis’s Golden Rules of Marketing4Solicitors Webinar is interesting, entertaining and motivational. It has spurred me to action, and I’m excited about putting it into practice.

Andrew Park – APP Wine Law

Before I joined Marketing4Solicitors I thought it would be really expensive and that I would be tied into something long term, oh and that it would be geared towards the big firms.

It is a very reasonable cost for what is offered and provided, plus the help has been very much tailored towards the set up that I have here, ie one man and his old english sheepdog.

The three biggest benefits are that:

The real impression that someone was on board to provide me with a much needed ‘outside looking in’ perspective on what I was doing and how to change that for the better

the precedents, which I can adapt if needed

the knowledge of how to maximise internet potential eg writing articles, add pages of information.

I would tell any solicitor considering joining to join without hesitation! I fully expect to make a return on investment although I have no idea as to how much at this time.

David Madams Solicitors

I have over the years dealt with many people who profess to understand how to market legal services without really understanding how the profession works. I found it very refreshing not only being a solicitor and knowing how a legal practice operates but also you have a very sound grasp of the various marketing strategies which work within our profession. You came very highly recommended by, a friend of mine, Tim Bishop who to put it bluntly does not suffer fools and he speaks very highly of you. It was as a result of that that I contacted you and I have been similarly impressed by firstly the wealth of information which is on your Marketing4Solicitors website and the numerous downloads which will provide me with invaluable tools to market my practice.

Your one hour telephone consultancy was very informative. In a space of an hour you gave us a very good grasp on search engine optimisation and removed a lot of mystique around the same. We now feel confident that we can implement a lot of the strategies ourselves as a result of your advice. I would not hesitate in recommending you to other solicitors although unfortunately it will not be to my competitors.

Denis Stevenson – Rowlinsons Solicitors

Dear Nick,

Before I joined Marketing4Solicitors I had concerns because of people I have hired in the past (at some expense) for marketing advice whose advice and material I found ineffective. I was also concerned that by subscribing there would then be pressure to purchase other services and material and without spending additional money the M4S membership would not be that useful.

I honestly think joining M4S has been the best thing I’ve done in terms of investment in marketing. I find all of your material very thought provoking. You provide us with templates and very specific tips but in addition if someone fully absorbs what you have to say then it changes the way we think about our practice specifically and marketing generally. I found your recommendation of Michael Gerber, whose books I’ve since read, particularly instructive and any solicitor (or any business person) would gain a lot from his books about how to organise a business.

The biggest benefits of membership of Marketing4Solicitors are:

The information provided is very focused and very well explained – its practical and can be put into practice by any solicitor immediately;

The interaction between you and your members is very good and I like the way I can contact you with questions;

I find that your regular blogs and updates keep me motivated; and

What you present us with gives us all we need to put together a complete marketing strategy, rather than just get a couple of techniques for increasing business.

It is impossible to quantify the likely return on investment because I don’t think there’s any limit to the extra income which can be produced from a strategy inspired by your recommendations. I’ll be disappointed not to have doubled my turnover in the next twelve months.

Especially with your recommendations on writing (client guides, articles, blogs etc) there’s no limit to the depth of what you can do to market and improve your practice. It’s something that will grow organically (and at little expense) over time. I particularly like the way that your strategies are not based on ‘selling’ as such but by lead generation and ‘serving’ prospective and current clients.

Regards, Simon

Simon Newman

N A Commercial Solicitors

I find the M4S, materials and toolkits very practical and useful and a month after signing up I have made significant progress: written up some case studies, requested some new testimonials and drafted the core of what will be my new website. I am now contacting web designers armed with the confidence that I know what I want to achieve and what functions the site will need. This is a break through, as I have for the past 2 years planned and researched sporadically but always got stuck before getting anything done. Many thanks.

Marie Huntley, Huntley Legal

Your Marketing4Solicitors has been very helpful and informative and I would certainly recommend it to other solicitors.

Helen Rowett

My chosen field of Personal Injury, has for many years been fiercely competitive, against a backdrop of intense Defendant lobbying, bringing downward pressure on costs. Changes in the regulatory framework herald further pressures on time, and the advent of Alternative Business Structures is an unknown quantity, but will surely bring the risk of Big Business with its big budgets and slick advertising, to a place near me, trying to sweep up my potential clients. I have been in business 38 years and the challenges are greater than ever, but as I could not even sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, even if I had the time, I decided help was needed.

On approaching Samson Consulting, I was struck by Nick’s energy in presenting his ideas in a readable, matter-of-fact format, in which he displays on one hand, an uncanny knack of fingering the obvious (to a 5 year old, but not to a practising Solicitor) marketing opportunities that are there for the asking, but at the same time displaying a depth of proven experience and originality of approach in real-world or Internet marketing, with an enthusiasm that is both infectious and confidence-inspiring in these most challenging times.

Rob Ashton, Personal Injury Litigation Consultant

Thanks, Nick, for constantly reminding us to send emailing to our clients and contacts. I recently sent one about the need to have a Will, popped out for an hour and returned to 5 emails from people wanting updated or new Wills. It made my day! We will now be sending regular emails to all our clients, prospects and contacts as we now realise this really is a great way to ‘increase solicitors’ profits’! Thanks again.

A Satisfied Marketing4Solicitors Member

My concerns before joing M4S was that it was a ‘con’ at worst or at best a waste of money.

The impression was due in part to hearing of you on LinkedIn, and I am just suspicious of any business advertised on there (but that is just irrational prejudice on my part). My view has changed due to the following-

  1. The free information you gave was very detailed;
  2. Your regular emails kept your company in my mind;
  3. Since joining your site the information was been good and well structured; and
  4. Your marketing critique of my website today was brilliant, better than I could hope for.

I have already told other solicitors about M4S and I am sure I will more than recover my investment in the service.

Udu Emmanuel Edada, Emmanuel & Co Solicitors

Nick, I have already provided you with a testimonial about your excellent Marketing4Solicitors service, but I had to write to you again to say that I really appreciate the time you have taken to provide your “marketing critique” to make very important amendments to our marketing letter. We have already had an excellent response to our offering.

Denis Stevenson, Rowlinsons Solicitors

Not only is Nick Jervis a marketing expert, but as a former practising solicitor, he is someone who understands how solicitors work and through Marketing4Solicitors offers practical marketing advice that the average solicitor has a realistic chance of implementing. He has played a significant part in setting our firm on the path to creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy.

Jerome Dodge, Blanchards Bailey Solicitors

My name is Roger and I am a happy member of Marketing4Solicitors from Samson Consulting.

We are creating/designing a new Website for our business at the minute. I needed sound advice concerning the layout and general appeal of our design and content, and I wanted these tips from someone who walked the talk.

Anyhow, I asked Mr. Jervis for a telephone conversation to give me some tips (Marketing4Solicitors members are entitled to a one on one with Nick).

I didn’t get the phone call, I got something better. I sent our draft new website link by mail to him and he assessed our draft website with the benefit of Youtube (so I got the visual aspect of his advice and could hear his advice ). It was crystal with great advice.

It’s great to be surprised and I was surprised with this service.

Thank you.

Roger Cleary, Cleary & Co. Solicitors

Why join Marketing4Solicitors?

1. Nick’s enthusiasm and never-give-up attitude is infectious and crucial to us as we are often tempted to ‘give up’ or at least be lazy in relation to marketing.

2. The precedents provided and the structured approach to his teaching so that gradually you come to see how everything in his scheme fits together logically.

3. The fact that through our own testing over time and becoming aware of other “expert” opinions on issues in the marketing world, we have not had any cause to doubt that Nick truly is an expert in relation to the marketing of solicitors’ firms.

Peter Brash, Grigor & Young, Elgin

Marketing4Solicitors seemed a good system worth a go. I am satisfied that although (I am) not a solicitor can adapt principles with ease.

An efficient well run service with lots of good practical tips to enhance your marketing.

Supporting SME Leaders

Great value for money.

Jemma Lloyd Solicitor Direct

I knew that marketing would become extremely important for solicitor firms and the old mentality of “the work will come to you” would be long gone, however I did not know where to start with my marketing plan.

So I joined Marketing4Solicitors and found the marketing templates and documents are very detailed and make you think about what you will be doing, which makes a huge difference.

The benefits for me are a better understanding of marketing solicitor firms, the importance of keeping in touch with your current client database and if you put the effort into marketing you do see the rewards!

I think the service is excellent!

Manoj – Athi Law LLP

We have never once regretted having Nick as our marketing consultant. He is just brilliant at thinking out of the box and making us do the same. We decided very early on that we just had to trust him because we are lawyers and not so good at selling things!

Nick is enthusiastic and extremely pro active which is infectious and makes us want to excel at attracting the clients we really want.

He is now an integral and indispensable part of our team.

Julie Glynn, Partner, Glynns Solicitors

I visited Nick because I wanted to know how and which resources to apply to an effective marketing strategy appropriate to my practice.

Nick was very focussed, asked very astute questions and knew what I needed I felt. This was crystallised in the excellent report he generated and I now am confident in my planned approach to marketing.

The meeting was well worth the trip to Bristol from London! Nick really took on board my concerns in this area and I felt he was very caring, enthusiastic and confident about the track I should be on marketing-wise. As a result I now have a plan I am confident about which means I will not waste time or money on an inappropriate strategy so it has abeen a very valuable exercise for my practice: Bravo!

Michael Crilly, Bulldog Law

I have worked with Nick now for over a year and he really has made a tremendous difference to my business and the way I approach same. He has assisted me greatly in developing a clearer vision for the business and in executing a plan so that the vision may be materialised.

His advice has directly led to a substantial increase in the profitability of my practice and, as such, I have no hesitation of recommending his services.

Daireann Gibson, Gibson & Associates Solicitors

I have been enjoying learning from your insights over the past while since joining Marketing4Solicitors. I have been impressed by your service and wanted to thank you for all of your help to date.

Duncan McFadzean

The m4s subscription service was worth much more than the price I paid. There is a lot of information on the internet about marketing but a lot of the methods are incredibly expensive. Nick’s ideas are superior for one main reason, they are done from a business perspective, everything is done with a return on investment in mind and none of the methods are financial black holes.

I would recommend this service to anyone looking to grow their business.

Mr R McKenzie

Clever and intelligent without any nonsense.

A very helpful and enlightening service.

Donald Maloney

Unlike other marketing services the emphasis seems not to be all based on ‘finding hidden profit in existing clients’ (which doesn’t help me as a new firm with few clients) but rather an all encompassing strategy to increase client base and thereafter profit.

Nick certainly appears to know his stuff and he is willing to share the lurve.

Anvil Legal

I have worked with Nick for over a year. As well as being a thoroughly nice person to deal with he is also full of good ideas that work – and which can be implemented without costing the earth.

David Edwards. Burt, Brill & Cardens

I have worked with Nick now for over a year and he really has made a tremendous difference to my business and the way I approach same. He has assisted me greatly in developing a clearer vision for the business and in executing a plan so that the vision may be materialised.

His advice has directly led to a substantial increase in the profitability of my practice and, as such, I have no hesitation of recommending his services.

Daireann Gibson, Gibson & Associates

I have been using Adwords for sometime without any meaningful results. However, as soon as Nick took over the management for me, we started generating a lot of new client instructions.

Ian Hass, Ellis Hass Solicitors

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