How Smart Solicitors Use Questions To Grow Their Law Firms

My son turning 16 and my daughter off to university in September has got me thinking a lot recently about them. It truly seems like yesterday that they were both toddlers.

One of the fondest memories of them being small for me is the huge volume of questions that they used to ask. They were empty sponges waiting to soak up knowledge. I think the average amount of questions asked by children is 200 per day. Some days I know it felt like a lot more than that.

Why have you taken my food bowl away?

Because it’s empty.

Why is it empty?

Because you ate all of your breakfast.

Why are you putting it in the sink?

To wash it up.

What is washing up…..

And so it would go on.

They teach you a lot your children; as much maybe as we teach them.

Questions are so powerful in youth and in business, yet I believe that we ask less and less questions the older we get, instead accepting what is happening.

This is such a shame, because the questions you ask can provide you with the answers that you need to get you where you want to be.

However, some solicitors still ask a lot of questions and I am lucky in that they often ask me their most pressing ones when it comes to growing their law firm on a More Clients Now strategy call. I also have conversations with my consultancy clients and Marketing4Solicitors members too. I usually speak with anything from 30 to 50 solicitors a month in various different calls. I still hear some great questions and I have answers for them all.

I love questions.

Here are some questions that I have received and answered recently:

  • What should your staff bill be (and not be) as a percentage of your turnover?
  • How do you make underperforming (meaning under billing) fee earners improve?
  • How do you give yourself a 95% chance of achieving your goals?
  • What is the average amount that solicitors spend on Google Adwords?
  • How can I add £20,000 a month to my turnover within 90 days and forever more thereafter?
  • When can I stop spending money on Google Adwords?

These questions are all answered, some in great detail, in the latest issue of Marketing4Solicitors, which is yours to download as soon as you join.

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