Solicitors Marketing Methods Bearing No Fruit

I recently had a meeting with a solicitor in my office. He has been in practice for many years and had noticed a steady decline in instructions over the years. When asked, he explained that his methods for marketing his services have generally been to have an office and wait for people to walk through the door. For years, this method had served him very well. However, it has stopped doing so for a fairly long period of time which is why he decided he needed to come and see me.

He attended my offices and explained how he was now incredibly worried, even frightened, by the decline in the volume of clients and profits costs. He knew he had to do something but did not know what. He was very open in our meeting.

Whilst I was making a coffee, he noticed a picture behind my desk from the film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart. He asked why I had that picture in my office.

I explained that it was for the same reason he was visiting me. It is a constant reminder to me that there are many solicitors who feel like James Stewart felt in the middle of that film. Scared, depressed, overwhelmed, even terrified. They feel that their business may be slipping away from them, and yet it is all that they know and all that they have ever wanted to do.

My job is to make sure I communicate well enough with the solicitors in that position to the point that they understand that I am ready, willing and able to help them.

I need to explain that I can change their fortunes relatively easily and quickly. I need to get my message across so that they come and see me sooner rather than later, and do not sit in their offices worrying what the future holds when instead they could be mapping out exactly what their future holds with me to guide them.

The same solicitor also asked me if I really can do this. I was able to point him in the direction of many solicitors who I have done just this for. One particularly always springs to mind, in that we trebled his turnover in under three years. He now earns more than he has ever earned in his practice.

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