The Only Thing That Matters With Your Legal Email Newsletter Now…

Curtis Stigers. Do you remember him? Big American ballad/pop singer from the 90s. Well, he was actually quite little, but he had a big voice. One of his biggest hits was “You’re all that matters to me”.

The Only Thing That Matters With Your Legal Email Newsletter Now

I went to see him in concert once. He was hilarious. He ran around the stage like a lunatic and every so often would run up a set of stairs and jump off them. It was like watching a parrot do tricks!

I digress.

Back to the title of this email and the reference to Curtis, there is only one thing that matters now.

Send your email marketing newsletter CONSISTENTLY.

This really is ‘the only thing that matters’. If you have gone to the trouble of setting up your database and adding clients and prospects to it, unless you consistently communicate with them now it will all have been a complete waste of time.

All marketing needs consistency, but this is especially true when it comes to email marketing.

Unless your email hits your clients’ inbox (inboxes, inbiii, amo, amas, amat..?) each and every month you cannot expect to see your referrals and recommendations rise.

It simply won’t happen.

I suggest monthly as a bare minimum for solicitors. You could do fortnightly, but I am a realist and I would rather you do something than nothing, so I am happy with monthly, and I know it works in terms of keeping your firm name in your prospects minds.

You need to set a day, date, or time of month that your newsletter will go out from you.

You then need to treat that date like a conveyancing completion date, a court hearing date or whatever legal reference floats your boat. Don’t just say “it would be nice to send it around this time of the month”, but instead set that date in stone.

Unless you treat this as if it is the most important legal deadline, I know that you will let it slide. Something else will call upon your valuable time, so you will do ‘that email’ next week. Then a week will pass, then a month and before you know it you aren’t sending an email newsletter.

Don’t give me the ridiculous comment that I hear every so often “I am just waiting until I have something interesting to say”. If you have said that before you are simply making excuses. The law impacts every one of us in a hundred different ways every single day. There is always something to be said, and as I advise you to outsource your copywriting this really shouldn’t be your problem to worry about.

I suggest you actually delegate the sending of your monthly email to your PA or a senior secretary and advise her that you will dock her wages by 10% for every day after the deadline that the email is not sent.

If you are serious about growing your law firm, this is important. You need to treat it as such.

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