Resurrect the Law Firm ‘client for life’! Solicitors Marketing Tips

Do you remember how it used to be? You had a client and they were usually a client for life. When they needed a solicitor, they just came back to you. They didn’t ring around. They didn’t (couldn’t) Google, they just went back to ‘their solicitor’. Then advertising was allowed, then the internet came along … Read more

The Invisible Restaurant Proves Solicitors Do Not Need A High Street

Solicitors often ask me if they still need a High Street presence. The simple answer is ‘no’. Absolutely not. What solicitors do need to be as busy as they would like is a simple marketing strategy applied consistently and automatically, backed up with a great legal legal service. My story of eating in an ‘invisible … Read more

Why Most Solicitors Fail To Grow Their Law Firms

I am not sure exactly when it hit me, but I am glad it did. I kept coming up with more and more law firm marketing ideas for my client, but each month the progress I expected and hoped to see for their law firm was not happening. Had I not given the correct advice? … Read more

High Street Solicitors v The New Legal Brands

Will you do whatever it takes to be the best solicitor that you can be for your clients? Will you go out of your way to provide them with the best service that you are able to provide for them? Yes? I thought so. You see, if you do this, or you will do this, … Read more

The New High Street Solicitors Marketing Plan

Old High Street Solicitor Dead, New High Street Solicitor Thriving Forgive me now, for I am going to make you a little nostalgic, that is if you have been working in or around the law for at least as long as I have. The main part of the nostalgia is that it used to be … Read more

The Death Of High Street Solicitors & Retailers?

The Death Of High Street Shopping & Solicitors? Not a week seems to pass at the moment when the media are not bemoaning the death of the traditional High Street. Soon there will be no shops on the High Street they cry, and Mary Portas, Queen of Shops, is brought in to save the High … Read more

Charging More For Conveyancing Services

Charging more for conveyancing services is a perennial question, issue or challenge it seems. I know many solicitors that still charge an incredibly reasonable fee for their services yet I also come across many others that are constantly lowering their price simply to secure the instructions. If you look outside of the legal world you … Read more

The End Of Personal Injury High Street Solicitors?

I have read with interest the letters in the Gazette about Personal Injury claims and referral fees over the last few weeks following the release of the Insurers’ report (aka the Jackson report). Some have said that banning referral fees will be good as the smaller firms will all have to start advertising to produce … Read more