Surviving Jackson Book Review

The tone you need to read NOW – Andrew Twambley, Amelans Solicitors & Injury Lawyers 4U About 6 months ago I ran into Professor Regan at an event and in his usual constantly flamboyant fashion, announced to me that Jeff Zindani and he were writing a Jackson book. I feigned interest, whilst attempting to decide … Read more

Surviving The New Personal Injury Fixed Costs Regime

I find the proposed changes to personal injury claims quite astounding. As a former personal injury solicitor and knowing the industry as well as I do, it now seems apparent that the Government makes some of its decisions and policies based on who contributes the most to their party coffers and not what matters to … Read more

Generating Your Own Personal Injury Leads And Instructions

Whilst the personal injury market is, in my opinion, the most competitive sector of the legal services market, you still can market your own personal injury services and win some more instructions. Ultimately, how to market personal injury services is no different from how you should market your other legal services. Admittedly there is a … Read more