Solicitors Afraid Of The Competition?

Why Are Solicitors Afraid Of The Competition?

So many solicitors who I meet seem absolutely crippled by the success of their competitors. They almost seem resigned to the fact that they are so good at what they do, and so good at the marketing of what they do, that it is almost not worth competing with them, so by and large they don’t.

They feel that their website is simply too good, or their advertising is the best, so they must be doing incredibly well which explains why their firm is finding it so hard to be successful. They believe that financially and by number of clients they simply must be doing incredibly well.

The sad part of this is that in most cases they will be absolutely 100% wrong about this assumption. I am fortunate enough to have seen this from many sides of the fence. On a few occasions now when one of my current clients or prospects has talked about one of their competitors who must be doing incredibly well, I know that the same super successful competitor they are talking about has been enquiring about my services only a few weeks before because they are not as busy as they would like to be.

Now obviously I can never share this information because it would be a clear conflict of interest to do so, so I don’t, but it means that I can say quite confidently that you don’t need to be crippled by the success of your competitors. They are probably not doing as well as you might think, and it in any event this is certainly the wrong place to start from.

You need to worry about the things that you can change, not all of those which are completely out of your control.

My dad and I have completely polar opposite views about many things. He gets very angry about all sorts of topical and political issues, whereas I shrug them off. It is not that I am not interested in the state of our country, I have many views. But unless I am going to go into politics (and I would rather stick sharp pins in my eyes), the only way to deal with such issues is with my vote, but after that, I let them all get on with it. I need to focus on the things that I can change, the places where I really can make a difference, not those where I cannot.

So I concentrate on my business. I know 100% that I can help every solicitor in the UK and Ireland to secure more client instructions for their practice, yet every firm of solicitors has not yet asked me to help them, so I am not doing enough to reach out to them. I am letting them down somehow.

I am failing you too, aren’t I? I know that I can help you to win more clients, but you have not yet put your hand up and said “Yes Nick, please help me”, so I am failing in some way to reach out to you or to prove to you beyond any doubt that I can help you.

I will focus on trying to rectify that problem.

It sends me slightly crazy that you might be sitting there worrying about where your next new client instruction is coming from when I have the answer not only to your next client but to the next 100 new client instructions after that one too.

I know who my competition are, but I do not worry about them. I worry about you and how I can help you to win more client instructions.

If you do have that feeling of worry about your competitors, or worry about the fact that your flow of client instructions has dropped recently or steadily for a period of months, I urge you to take some action to rectify that problem.

Remember that now would be a great time to take me up on my offer to join Marketing4Solicitors completely risk free, as if you do this before Wednesday you will qualify for a free one on one telephone consultation session with me when I will help you to plan your way forward.

I will show exactly what you need to do to beat your competition once and for all so you don’t have to worry about them any more. I will show you how you can automate your marketing systems so that they take place month after month with or without your input, so that you can focus on doing your best client work. Working together will ensure that your firm becomes much stronger.

That will please you and it will make me very happy, as it will help me to achieve my aim of helping 1,000 law firms to survive and thrive, and ensure that the public has access to high quality independent solicitors across the UK and Ireland. I think that is a mission with merit because I know just how good independent solicitors are at what they do.

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