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Legal Marketing Websites. Do they work?

<>Here we are talking about websites which attract work for solicitors, from personal injury claims, through conveyancing claims and onto divorce claims. The comments below offer some advice to ensure you spend your money wisely.

1. Try before you buy

I have tried many forms of advertising/marketing in solicitors practices over the years. Before committing any money, it is essential that solicitors investigate the scheme thoroughly. To avoid wasting limited resources, solicitors must:

  • A. Ask exactly what is and is not included in the scheme (ie geographical coverage, or in rotation)
  • B. Ask for contact details from existing clients, and then CALL them to ensure the scheme is as successful as it is said to be. The call must be made. Even if you are looking on a website which has many testimonials from solicitors, call them. I have investigated some schemes for clients and called the suppliers of testimonials on the website extolling the virtues of the service. However, on speaking to them they are often not as positive as the testimonial suggests (which may have been provided soon after joining the scheme when excellent quality leads were being sent to the firm, soon to dry up).
  • C. Don’t be pressurised by the “If you don’t join now your competitor will”. If you do not have the time to investigate the scheme do not do it. However, if you are looking to grow your business, set aside the time to investigate the scheme properly.

2. Track the leads.

I have found this to be one of the most difficult areas, ensuring solicitors track the leads vigorously. You can only assess whether the scheme has been successful (ie you have received a good return on investment) if you record which enquiries come from the scheme. Everyone in the practice must accept responsibility for this. It cannot be left to the receptionist as in many firms. All must play a part to ensure that your budget is spent wisely in the future. By way of an example, I know of a firm that joined a divorce website. At the end of the year they decided not to renew, (a small fee by todays standards) as they did not believe they had received good value. When the legal marketing services company supplied them with the list of over 20 leads they had referred during the course of the year (and they realised that most of them had been converted into fee paying clients), they quickly altered their decision and remained in the scheme. If you do not track the origin of your leads, you cannot assess which marketing or advertsing is successful and should be renewed, and which schemes you should leave.

Proof that Legal Website Marketing Does Work!

I recently started work with a new legal practice. They had very few clients, but they did have a website. They were clearly keen to obtain new clients as soon as possible. Samson Consulting commenced a website marketing campaign for them. Within two weeks they are receiving at least 10 enquiries per week. I can hear you thinking “that is not a lot”. For this practice, it is all they need. We could target other key words on the search engines to generate more leads but they could not be serviced.

And how much does this all cost? Including our management charges for the campaign, it works out to about £2 per lead generated! So yes Website Marketing really does work.

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