Google Adwords (Ads) For Law Firms – Why Is It So Successful?

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When it comes to marketing for law firms to attract new clients, not all marketing tactics are created equal. Some are simply more effective (and cost effective) and Google Adwords (Google Ads as it is now known) falls well into this category for law firms. I want to explain why Google Adwords works so well, … Read more

Why Quality Solicitors Hasn’t Been A Raging Success

The Big Mac is probably McDonalds best known burger. Remember the song? “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” There’s a formula there. It tells you exactly how to make a McDonalds. If you walked into McDonalds in Leicester, you would get the same two beef patties with … Read more

What fat Spiderman can teach you about your law firm…. 

I’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend in Madrid with my wife, my brother and his wife. On one of the days we found ourselves in a beautiful square (Plaza Mayor) which had everything a square should have – monuments, beautiful buildings, loads of eateries and drinkeries and some street entertainment (it was rectangular but … Read more

Starting a new Law firm marketing strategy & England Test Cricket

I am a big England cricket fan. If you know anything about test cricket, you will know that England have been playing woefully in the current West Indies series. If you don’t know anything about test cricket, let me tell you that England have been playing woefully against the West Indies in the current series. … Read more

Solicitors: What Do You Call Them On Your Law Firm Website?

Potato or Potaato? Tomato or Tomaato? I don’t want to call the whole thing off, but what you call things does matter. We have some very different phrases from our friends across the pond for certain words that can lead to confusion or hilarity, depending on your viewpoint. However, when it comes to the wording … Read more

The Law Firm Marketing Book For Solicitors.. as it happens

The Law Firm Marketing Book For Solicitors Who is this book for? This book, and the formula contained within it, will work for anyone involved in the marketing of legal services. The marketing strategies and tactics I talk about have been used for all sized law firms, from sole practitioners to mid-tier and top tier … Read more