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Every successful business person that I have met has read Think and Grow Rich: The Original Classic
by Napoleon Hill. One of the largest sections (and to me definitely the most important) is Masterminding; that is mixing with other legal business owners, sharing ideas and helping each other to grow their businesses. When you add to this the chairman of the group being a legal marketing expert, your growth is assured.

I can imagine many reading this will already be thinking about why this cannot work for solicitors. Let me start by saying mastermind groups are vital for solicitors, possibly even more than many other successful businesses that use Mastermind Groups.

The main reason is that until this point (ie joining one of my Mastermind Groups) most solicitors have not shared information with each other. They are worried that any of their good ideas will be stolen and that the other solicitors will do better than they will. My experience is actually completley opposite to this. Sharing information improves all of the business involved. However, to ensure that this fear is instantly removed for you, I take out the problem by mixing my Mastermind Groups with non-competing solicitors, both in terms of geography and areas of law.

I hope that eases your mind, so now let’s look at the positives, why Mastermind Groups work so incredibly and so powerfully well!

Reason One – Why Mastermind Groups Work?

We all know that running a small firm of solicitors can be a lonely life. If most of your friends are employed they cannot understand the issues that you face on a daily basis. Whilst they might face one challenge, ie getting more sales in as a salesman, or doing the accounts as an accounts cashier, they can never fully appreciate all of the different hats that you have to wear every day, all of the decisions that you have to make and all of the risks that you have to take. How could they if they have not experienced it all themselves?

So one of the first major benefits is meeting like-minded people that understand exactly what it takes to run a legal business, understand all of the challenges and understand you.

Reason Two – Accountability

The second benefit of a Mastermind Group is the biggest one – being held accountable for action you must take to improve your business.

You see I think we are all ultimately programmed one way – we work best when we are made responsible to external parties for tasks. It is easy to keep extending your own deadline to achieve something, putting off something that could make attracting more clients easier for you in favour of a current client matter, but you won’t grow as you would like if you keep doing this.

Let me assure you though, that it is not easy to ignore those deadlines when you are going back to your Mastermind Group to update them on your progress. It is these powerful deadlines that suddenly makes the ‘put offable’ ‘UN-put offable’ and catapults your law firm to success many times faster than trying to go it alone.

Reason Three – You Pay To Attend

You pay to attend.

You pay enough to mean that if you do nothing with your Mastermind Experience it will hurt you. Not a lot, but enough to make you feel bad about spending the money and not making the most of the experience. It is this third part that makes a Mastermind Group work. It is the Malcolm Gladwell “Tipping Point” that pushes the success of your Mastermind Group membership over the edge (if you have not read his book I recommend that you do: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference).

Reason Four – You Get Away From Your Office

You get away from your office for a day. You have no mobile phone contact during the sessions and you concentrate fully on the task at hand; ie. making your business more successful. Even if you were forced to sit in a room in a gorgeous hotel completely on your own with no other stimulation the day would pay for itself. But when you are surrounded by other solicitors like you, wanting to grow their businesses and provide a sound business future, it works fantastically well.

Reason Five – You Are Guided By Me

I will guide you through the whole process. I will immerse you and train you in every marketing method which is working for law firms right now. I will show you how you can quickly and efficiently grow your law firm to the size and profitability that you would like.

Reason Six – Three Times Return On Investment Guarantee

If you find out more about my Mastermind Schemes and decide to join me on a path which will undoubtedly lead to a more successful practice for you serving more of the clients you like to work with, you will also benefit from my three times return on investment guarantee. If you do not think you will generate at least three times as much in increased revenue over and above the amount you spend with me, I will refund your fees.

I know this will work for the right firms, so if I accept you into the scheme I am happy to make this guarantee to you to give you the confidence to proceed.

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The Mastermind Programme that I run is called the Fast Track To More Clients Programme. It works!

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Legal Marketing Services

Case Study

Beating the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget

We focus on accident claims, and it’s vital for us to have a strong web presence, which we didn’t have before Nick got involved.

As a result we had to buy in leads from other sources, reducing our profit margins and making us reliant on other companies to generate revenue.

We did have a company working on our Adwords and website, but the truth of the matter is that they weren’t getting the results we needed them to get – we only had a handful of clients coming in from those efforts, making us highly reliant on buying in the leads from elsewhere.

And then I came across one of Nick’s books, was impressed by what I read and got in touch with him.

The rest – as they say – is history.

We started working together with a clear brief: Nick’s job was to help us bring in more self-generated work, so we could stop relying on buying leads.

He started by working on our website, making it more accessible and easier to navigate.

Next he overhauled our Google Adwords, which the previous company had been running fairly unsuccessfully.

Adwords is hugely challenging in our sector, with some very big players bidding on some of the most common keywords, making it very difficult for any smaller firms to get a look in, and I’ve got to be honest and say that I didn’t know how Nick was going to make it work.

But he did, by analysing very closely what people were looking for and tailoring our Adwords efforts towards them.

It worked! We were competing with the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget, and the amount of work we got in was tremendous – we jumped from just a handful of leads and clients a month to 500 leads and 150 clients, every single month, all from our online efforts.

Nick didn’t just work on the lead generation side of things either – he helped us with the client conversion process too, training our team, making our sales calls better and improving our onboarding process to avoid drop-offs due to ‘cooling off’.

Now we don’t buy in any work at all, our pay-per-click efforts do a sterling job, and the large client database that Nick has helped us build has allowed us to increase the amount of work we do by a factor of ten, in just three years.

I’m one extremely satisfied client, and despite the dramatic differences Nick has been able to make in the time we’ve been working together, things are still improving thanks to his guidance and support.

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