Have Some Fun With Your Law Firm Marketing

I remember the Tax man’s advertisements with the theme of “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing”.

The same should apply to law firm marketing. I know that a lot of solicitors are not massive marketing fans, but they are all people, and they all have personalities, and this above everything else should help to make your marketing fun.

An often repeated but so true statement is that ‘people by people’. Now whether I have an injury and need a personal injury solicitor, I have a business and need a commercial solicitor or I am simply moving house and looking for a conveyancing solicitor, I am much more likely to choose a solicitor who I actually like as a person.

Yet so few solicitors allow their personality to come out in their marketing, instead hiding behind a fascade of ‘bland and boring’ just like every other solicitor (except the beautiful people who make up my Marketing4Solicitors group and consultancy clients of course – they completely understand the personality in law firm marketing requirements).

So if you really want to start having some success with the marketing of your law firm, allow your personality to come out and people just might like you and choose you to be their solicitor more so than they currently are doing. It has to be worth a try doesn’t it?

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