High Street Solicitors Back In Town?

It is fair to say that when I started in the law, I think in 1991, it was a little bit different. It seemed a little more relaxed, more fun, easier perhaps. The business of being in the law hadn’t quite yet become, how do I say it, a business. In my legal career I … Read more

Double your law firm turnover in 2019

If you look back at the last few years you may well find, that despite your best intentions to grow your law firm, it has pretty much stayed in the same place.  If you were at £200,000 turnover in 2017, you were probably close to the same figure in 2018 and, more likely than not, … Read more

2019 will be the last teen year that you live through….

Happy New Year. I want you to make this a great one, so with that in mind, here is something to make you think: 2019 will be the last teen year that you live through….  I am acutely aware of teenage years because I have two teenage children (one will not be for much longer). … Read more

Why I Like Coaching Solicitors To Grow Their Law Firms

A recently family holiday reminded me why I like coaching solicitors to grow their law firms. In this article I explain why my fear of heights reminded me why I do what I do. I have never been a fan of heights. My family know this. Recently on a family trip to Center Parcs I … Read more

Make Your Law Firm Advertisements Work

I want to talk about saving your practice £5,000 to £10,000 per annum on a wasted marketing activity – advertising. By the end of this article, if you do not feel compelled to act, your advertisements are either excellent, or you are happy throwing away your hard earned profits. Nearly all solicitors advertise, but do … Read more

Solicitors Advertisements

How to make your law firm advertisements make the telephone ring. Advertising is easy: – if you know what you are trying to achieve it really can and should be. However, often the trouble with Solicitors’ advertising is that it does not have the focus required. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. For … Read more

Law Firm Advertising Ideas – 5 Point Checklist

Looking for law firm advertising ideas? Use this 5 point checklist to write better advertisements and win more client instructions. Every firm of solicitors advertise somewhere, yet with little or no success. Some simple changes to your current advertisements can increase the responses and income earned from your advertising. Follow this five step plan and … Read more