Why Live Chat Works So Well For Law Firms

There has been no “eat out to help out” scheme for the legal profession, so as we are officially now in recession (what a surprise folks), it means you have to work out how to thrive all on your lonesome. The good news is that the legal profession is largely thriving. The stamp duty holiday … Read more

How To Improve Google Ads Landing Pages For Solicitors

I said last week that improving your Google Ads website landing pages is one of the first things to do to generate more client enquiries. However, this also applies even if you do not run Google Ads. If you spend time improving the pages where most of your visitors arrive on your website (Google Analytics/Search … Read more

Why Solicitors Must Set Goals And How To Set Them

You have to have a goal to score – Sir Alan Sugar Sir Alan Sugar, who always reminds me of Nookie the bear (remember that ventriloquist doll?), said in his book, and for once I fully agree with him that “You have to have a goal to score”. I don’t agree with much of what … Read more

Jam On Top For Cream Teas And Law Firm Marketing

The rules for a cream tea are very simple: First, you have your scone; halved; Then you add your clotted cream (lots of it); and finally You put the jam on top. That’s it. The only way to do it. The end. No debate. It is the way that I have always done it – … Read more

How Solicitors Can Use Google To Come Up With Article Ideas

Sometimes we make things much harder than they need to be. I know I do, and from working with hundreds of solicitors over the course of the last 16 years, I know that they do too. For example, often solicitors take on way too much responsibility from their staff, causing a log jam with them … Read more

Your clients will tell you how to get more clients like them..

Now that you know, from my last blog post, that the sole purpose of your blog is to attract potential clients and encourage them to contact you, how do you come up with ideas to write the content that will achieve this aim for you? The main point to remember is that your blogs or … Read more