Why Live Chat Is Vital On Solicitors Websites

My sole purpose in working with solicitors is to make their life easier when it comes to attracting new clients. This is why that I consider Live Chat on Solicitors Websites to be absolutely vital, because it delivers more clients to them from their website. The fact that it also does this without any work … Read more

Improve Your Law Firm Website Page Loading Speed Instantly

In this article, I show you how to improve your law firm website page loading speed in around 10 minutes! Website page loading speed is absolutely vital to the success of your law firm website for two reasons. First, it makes your visitors user experience of your website much better, meaning that they are far … Read more

Solicitors Marketing Badge Of Honour, COLP & COFA

I recently completed a Zoom meeting for solicitors (over 200) who are clients and contacts of a very smart chap I know who takes care of compliance for solicitors. Apparently, I am told, COLP and COFA are the most exciting things in life (by him), but by my solicitor clients, not so much. So he … Read more

Making Your Law Firm Website Work Harder For You

I appreciate that many solicitors are very sceptical about the ability to win new business from their website. I can assure you that many firms are doing this. If you are not producing at least 20 new client leads each and every month you are missing significant opportunities. This is an incredibly conservative number but … Read more

Website Marketing For Law Firms

Internet Marketing For Lawyers/Solicitors 1. What is website or internet marketing? The easiest analogy here is to refer to your practice’s brochures. If you spend money producing brochures, it will be of no use to you if you do not send them to clients and prospective clients. The same applies to websites. If you spend … Read more

Should You Buy A .Legal Domain Name?

There seem to be more and more domain names released each year. Now we have a .legal domain name coming onto the scene, should you buy them? In my view, the answer would be a resounding ‘no’. .co.uk and .com are the two domains you should buy to protect your business name and to host … Read more

Easy Ways For Solicitors To Attract New Clients

It really is so easy being a solicitor if you want to attract new clients to your law firm. For this reason: You provide a service that someone needs (usually fairly instantly – the important part). Someone needs that service. They go online and type in the type of legal service they need followed by … Read more