How Much Do You Really Want To Grow Your Law Firm?

I worked with a solicitor once who was very keen to obtain partnership. In their own words they “would do anything” to achieve this. However, come 5.05pm they were out of the door and did not think about the firm until they returned the next day at 9.05am. Their actions were totally incongruent with their stated intention.

I have since met solicitors who own their own practice who say that they are keen to win new business and increase their profits substantially, but again do not show any sign or take any action aside from that statement to assist their stated intentions. They make the right noises, but they don’t take the action required to make it happen. They do not ‘commit’ to making all of the changes that are necessary to grow their practice. The first obstacle which is put in their way makes them stop stone dead and revert to type.

I understand that one obstacle for solicitors is that often they are keen on the legal work but not so keen on running the business. Michael Gerber gives an excellent insight into this in The E-Myth (if you have not yet read it you really should). He explains that the solicitor (or other professional) is the technician, often falling into running a practice just by being in the firm long enough and not having any interest in actually running the business.

However, until that person manages to make their role dispensable from the business, they can never really achieve the success that they might crave because they will keep getting sucked back into the day to day legal work. I know so very well how true this is. I have worked with so many solicitors who set aside regular time to market their law firm yet let this time be eaten into or completely diminished by client work, staff issues, or even just checking emails.

If you really want to grow your practice, if you really want more clients coming back and using your services time and time again, you have to put in place watertight marketing systems that work with or without your input. It is only then that you can expect to see steady but consistent growth of your practice.

Until then, saying you want more clients will not make it happen. You have to really want and commit to growing your practice, then I can assure you it is almost guaranteed.

So my question to you is this: ‘How much do you really want it?’

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