The Minimum Return On Investment From Google Adwords For Solicitors

What is the number?

“Nick, I have been spending £10,000 a month on Google Adwords for six months. When should I expect to generate a Return On Investment?”

“Six months ago” I answered.

The Minimum Return On Investment From Google Adwords For Solicitors

Adwords should provide you with a return on investment within the first two months, often the first month. This poor solicitor had been promised a ROI sometime before the end of the first year. Ouch!

I mentioned in my last email that I would let you have the ROI figure that I expect my clients to make from a Google Adwords campaign. It is a minimum of three to one.

If they spend £2,000 a month including my fees to set up and manage the campaign, I expect and want them to be billing AT LEAST three times that sum, therefore, £6,000 per month. That way, they at least break even, but with repeat business and some clients spending a lot more than initially expected, it will make them a good profit too.

Many clients beat this by a number of multiples.

What is your current ROI with Google Adwords?

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Carl Atkinson

I have enjoyed working with Nick over the past couple of years and his advice has helped me manage and improve the marketing of my business.

Nick has provided many helpful and practical suggestions to improve my marketing strategy and I am happy to recommend his services.

Iain MacDonald

Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

Vinay Tanna

As a medium sized Law Firm we have been dealing with Nick for a good few years now – his assistance and support delivered in a friendly but professional way has been invaluable; added to this, coming from a legal background he has a firm understanding of what solicitors require.

At our initial meeting with Nick he advised on various marketing strategies including simple changes to our website that would enhance traffic to the site.

We are now working on a new marketing project and know, as always, we are in safe hands.

Michael Birch

Less than a year ago I asked Nick to help me grow our practice by making the telephone ring.

He’s certainly done that and much more.

The improvements are incredible and Nick has guided me through the many challenges of scaling up, not least the need for a client focused approach.

This has allowed me to start the next phase; organising the practice to ensure a better lifestyle balance for all of us, whilst we continue to grow.

Chris Thomas

As usual with Nick he was super informative and helpful and gave me some very good tips for me to go forward with. He exudes positivity and makes dealing with him a pleasure. Also gave me a steer in helping two other contacts I have who may be able to use his services