Solicitors Receptions As A Marketing Tool For Lawyers

Solicitors Receptions As A Legal Marketing Tool

In my travels I visit a lot of solicitors’ receptions, some good, some requiring a little attention. The one point which always amazes me is the lack of self promotion.

We all know historically solicitors are not the greatest cross sellers. Often the conveyancing solicitor does not see the opportunity to refer to the litigation department and vice versa. So if you have a captive audience in your reception, the least they expect is to be able to find details of every service you provide, obviously focusing on the benefits to them. But this does not seem to happen. Often there are out of date magazines, charity leaflets and old pictures, but rarely up to date brochures, posters on the wall extolling the virtues of your services, or testimonials from extremely satisfied clients.

If you take one piece of action following this email, please take two minutes away from your desk to go outside and then walk back in and see exactly what your clients see. If you would not be impressed, they will not be either. If the task looks too daunting, just change one thing today. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step..

Take away the choice, and the only choice is you!

Have you noticed over the last few years how supermarket checkouts have changed? They used to display magazines and many other “point of sale” items. These are now replaced with marketing materials for their own businesses. Whether it is Sainsbury’s or Tesco, you now only get to look at products or services that their extended business sells; from car and home insurance through to credit cards and mobile phones.

Whilst you stand at that checkout you are a captive audience. Without realising it your only choice is to look at their promotional materials. What great marketing. They took away your choice and until you read this you did not even realise! So what relevance is this to your practice? Have a look at your reception area. I expect in the majority of receptions there are daily newspapers, some sport magazines, of course plenty of charity leaflets and maybe at the back of all of this, tucked away in the corner, your practice brochures.


Leave just your materials on display, and whilst your clients are waiting for an appointment with you they will read all about the other services you can offer. Simple yet highly effective as all good marketing should be!

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Case Study

Beating the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget

We focus on accident claims, and it’s vital for us to have a strong web presence, which we didn’t have before Nick got involved.

As a result we had to buy in leads from other sources, reducing our profit margins and making us reliant on other companies to generate revenue.

We did have a company working on our Adwords and website, but the truth of the matter is that they weren’t getting the results we needed them to get – we only had a handful of clients coming in from those efforts, making us highly reliant on buying in the leads from elsewhere.

And then I came across one of Nick’s books, was impressed by what I read and got in touch with him.

The rest – as they say – is history.

We started working together with a clear brief: Nick’s job was to help us bring in more self-generated work, so we could stop relying on buying leads.

He started by working on our website, making it more accessible and easier to navigate.

Next he overhauled our Google Adwords, which the previous company had been running fairly unsuccessfully.

Adwords is hugely challenging in our sector, with some very big players bidding on some of the most common keywords, making it very difficult for any smaller firms to get a look in, and I’ve got to be honest and say that I didn’t know how Nick was going to make it work.

But he did, by analysing very closely what people were looking for and tailoring our Adwords efforts towards them.

It worked! We were competing with the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget, and the amount of work we got in was tremendous – we jumped from just a handful of leads and clients a month to 500 leads and 150 clients, every single month, all from our online efforts.

Nick didn’t just work on the lead generation side of things either – he helped us with the client conversion process too, training our team, making our sales calls better and improving our onboarding process to avoid drop-offs due to ‘cooling off’.

Now we don’t buy in any work at all, our pay-per-click efforts do a sterling job, and the large client database that Nick has helped us build has allowed us to increase the amount of work we do by a factor of ten, in just three years.

I’m one extremely satisfied client, and despite the dramatic differences Nick has been able to make in the time we’ve been working together, things are still improving thanks to his guidance and support.

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