Google Adwords (Ads) For Law Firms – Why Is It So Successful?

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When it comes to marketing for law firms to attract new clients, not all marketing tactics are created equal. Some are simply more effective (and cost effective) and Google Adwords (Google Ads as it is now known) falls well into this category for law firms. I want to explain why Google Adwords works so well, … Read more

Freelance Solicitor UK – Becoming One, Winning Clients.

Are you thinking of becoming a freelance solicitor UK? If you do become a freelance solicitor, how do you set about winning clients so that your freelance solicitor business flourishes? Let’s take a look…. My name is Nick Jervis. I am a former solicitor (1991 – 2003) but have been marketing legal services full time … Read more

Lead Generation For Law Firms UK

What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Lead Generation For Law Firms UK? Which Marketing Tactics Should Solicitors Use To Attract New Clients Consistently? When it comes to lead generation for law firms, it is very true that not all methods of lead generation are created equal. I have been marketing legal services since 1991 … Read more

Best Forms Of Marketing For Law Firms | Best Marketing Solicitors

Which are the best forms of marketing for law firms? Which marketing methods work best for legal businesses and how do you use them to attract more clients to your law firm? Who is this advice for? This article, and the formula contained within it, will work for anyone involved in the marketing of law … Read more

Personal Injury Leads & Personal Injury Referrals

Need More Personal Injury Leads Or Claims Company Referrals? If you would like my free personal injury marketing guide, I am happy to provide it to you to help you win more personal injury instructions and referrals. For 14 years I practised personal injury law. I was a personal injury solicitor and approached many claims … Read more

Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients

“Does my bum look big in this?” From a very early age I was taught by my mother and other women in my family life that the answer was a very firm “NO” whenever this question was asked. This continued with girlfriends and then my wife, Emma. On a family walk recently Emma was walking … Read more

The Key Principle When Marketing A Law Firm Or Solicitors Practice

I was watching a Mark Wahlberg film the other day with my family when there was an act of violence that lead to someone’s head departing their body. Never one to miss an opportunity to parent, I mentioned to my daughter that this is something that she should never do. Having the same ‘genius’ sense … Read more

Why Live Chat Works So Well For Law Firms

There has been no “eat out to help out” scheme for the legal profession, so as we are officially now in recession (what a surprise folks), it means you have to work out how to thrive all on your lonesome. The good news is that the legal profession is largely thriving. The stamp duty holiday … Read more

Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients

Matthew Pinsent, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, was in the final of Celebrity Masterchef when he was asked how he was coping with the pressure. “Process over product” he answered. A sports psychologist trained him and his team to focus on the process of rowing to win a race, rather than winning the race … Read more