The growing pains of Adrian Mole and legal newsletters

Has that title stirred any memories? I found the books excellent when they came out. I was a young boy so they came at the right time for me. I heard on the radio that they still have Adrian Mole fan get togethers and have even invited people to write more short stories. The first … Read more

Why Designed Legal Newsletters For Solicitors Are A Waste Of Time

I know some solicitors love heavily designed legal newsletters. They like to see their logo emblazoned across the top of it, then lots of pretty images throughout the email newsletter and a picture of a real signature at the bottom. This is a real shame, as heavily designed legal newsletters simply do not work. Why? … Read more

10 Legal Newsletter Names For Solicitors

Which are the best legal newsletter names for solicitors to use? If you have taken the smart and soon to be very well rewarded decision (in the form of new client instructions) to produce a regular legal newsletter for your clients and prospects, what are you going to call it? I am Nick Jervis. I … Read more

Email Newsletters For Solicitors

Why Are Legal Email Newsletters So Important For Solicitors There are various reasons, but here are the most important ones for you: Marketing fact: it is far easier to sell more services to existing clients than it is to find new legal clients. Email newsletters allow you to sell more of your legal services to … Read more

Legal Newsletters Prove Your Legal Expertise!

People really want the best for their money these days. Why have any mobile phone, when you can have the latest iPhone or Samsung? Why be stuck with just a few television channels when you can have so many more from BT, Sky or Virgin? And why have any old solicitor when they can have … Read more

This is what happens when you send regular legal newsletters…

If you read all of the surveys about using legal services, most people asked say that they will ask a friend or a family member for a recommendation when they need a solicitor. This is good news isn’t it. It means that you will always win a lot of recommendations because you know that you … Read more

‘More Clients By Legal Newsletters’

Would you like more clients for your law firm every simple month by sending a regular client email newsletter? Would you like to know the following: How to ensure your legal newsletter will be opened; How to ensure your legal newsletter will be read; and How to ensure your legal newsletter will win you new … Read more

How to Write a Legal Newsletter For Your Clients

Regular contact with your clients is all important – it reminds them that you exist and showcases your expertise. More importantly, it helps retain their business and generate new opportunities. One of the best ways to do keep up communication is with an email newsletter. Anyone that subscribes to newsletters can instantly spot the good, … Read more

A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…

A funny thing happened to me yesterday, and with the launch of our legal newsletters service yesterday I could not have timed this any better. As with any marketing advice I provide to my paying clients, whether through Marketing4Solicitors or retainer consultancy work, I have tried every method that I advise them to use. So … Read more

The Hardest Part Is Starting A Legal Newsletter For Solicitors

The Hardest Part Is Starting A Solicitors Newsletter I am a massive fan of legal newsletters because they bring you new instructions month after month after month: if you send them consistently. So I am always cajoling, nudging, gently pushing and some might say battering every solicitor that I come into contact with to write … Read more