Best Forms Of Marketing For Law Firms | Best Marketing Solicitors

Which are the best forms of marketing for law firms? Which marketing methods work best for legal businesses and how do you use them to attract more clients to your law firm? Who is this advice for? This article, and the formula contained within it, will work for anyone involved in the marketing of law … Read more

Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients

“Does my bum look big in this?” From a very early age I was taught by my mother and other women in my family life that the answer was a very firm “NO” whenever this question was asked. This continued with girlfriends and then my wife, Emma. On a family walk recently Emma was walking … Read more

Compare Consultant Solicitor Jobs UK | Find Consultant Solicitor Jobs

Thinking of becoming a consultancy solicitor? Would you like to know the range of consultancy positions available, including one paying a remarkable 90% to the consultant with the firm only taking 10%? If you sign up for my guide below, I will show you how to compare consultant solicitor jobs currently available in the UK, … Read more

The Number Every Consultant Solicitor Must Know.

If you are a consultant solicitor, there is one number that you absolutely must know and keep on top of every month. It is different from the number you were ruled by when you were a mere fee earner. Remember what that number was that you needed to know every month when you were an … Read more