Optimising Your Google Ads Bid Strategy For Mobile Visitors

This video shows you how to check that your law firm website is mobile responsive (which is absolutely critical), then why linking your telephone number so that it can be clicked to call you is so important and finishes by showing you how to ensure that you maximise the amount of traffic coming to your … Read more

Solicitors Searching For Their Own Advertisements On Google Ads!

If you are a solicitor running a Google Ads campaign, you must not ever search for your own advertisements. Why? Quite simply, because it will cost you money! Watch this short video to discover more: Download my Google Ads Whitepaper to discover how else you can improve your campaign and generate more clients from the … Read more

Feedback For Your Google Adwords Campaign Management Company

When it comes to Google Adwords, particularly having your Adwords Campaign run for you by an external company, F is the most important word. F is for Feedback. When one of my clients wins a brilliant client from an Adwords campaign, I insist that they let me know as soon as possible. This is so … Read more

The Fastest Way To Improve A Solicitors Google Adwords Campaign Results

What is the fastest way to improve a Solicitors Google Adwords Campaign Results? How can you make the same spend go further and generate more client instructions? Let me tell you, based on a conversation that I had with a solicitor recently. This solicitor wanted to know how they could win more new client instructions. … Read more

Using Negative Keywords For Your Law Firm Adwords Campaign

I am usually such a positive person that this headline “Be more negative for better results” is quite hard for me to write. However, the message is so important that I will fight my natural inclination to change it… What is wrong with the search results below? Ignoring the first four advertisements, what is wrong … Read more

Three or more word Google Adword keywords for solicitors = success

I mentioned in my last article that one word keywords such as ‘solicitor’ simply do not work when it comes to Adwords. However, longer search terms of three or more words work a treat. Really well. They cost less and they will win you more enquiries; if you do them correctly. Sadly, however, none of … Read more

Why “Solicitor” is a really bad search term on Google Adwords

Tell me what is wrong with the above search results? Do you think the three advertisers will make a return on their investment from these advertisements? I know that it is highly unlikely. First, the cost for each click is estimated by Google to be £10.58. The reality is that it may in fact be … Read more