Probate Marketing | Probate Marketing Letters | How To Get Probate Clients

Probate Marketing Explained – How To Get Probate Clients Whilst some solicitors are struggling to market probate services to generate new clients, others have as many probate clients as they can cope with. Which category do you fall in? Marketing probate services has changed dramatically from just a few years ago. It used to be … Read more

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If you now know your number (you do, don’t you), then you will now know how many people are finding your website every month. Let’s have a look at what this means by looking at my Google Analytics numbers:     Users: 1,195. This is the total number of people visiting your site in one … Read more

Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients

“Does my bum look big in this?” From a very early age I was taught by my mother and other women in my family life that the answer was a very firm “NO” whenever this question was asked. This continued with girlfriends and then my wife, Emma. On a family walk recently Emma was walking … Read more

The Key Principle When Marketing A Law Firm Or Solicitors Practice

I was watching a Mark Wahlberg film the other day with my family when there was an act of violence that lead to someone’s head departing their body. Never one to miss an opportunity to parent, I mentioned to my daughter that this is something that she should never do. Having the same ‘genius’ sense … Read more

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Thinking of becoming a consultancy solicitor? Would you like to know the range of consultancy positions available, including one paying a remarkable 90% to the consultant with the firm only taking 10%? If you sign up for my guide below, I will show you how to compare consultant solicitor jobs currently available in the UK, … Read more