Is Annoying Your Legal Clients Costing You Income?

Do you know how and how often you are annoying your clients? Do you know how many procedures and processes are driving your clients to distraction? I am not talking about the huge things here either, but the everyday gripes and grievances that test your clients’ patience. If you do not find out what these … Read more

Is Banning Referral Fees The Answer?

I have just returned from the Motor Accident Solicitors Society conference (MASS Training – providers of excellent Legal Training – are one of my clients). The society consists of personal injury solicitors, so obviously one of the constants at each year’s conference is the discussion about Referral Fees and whether they should be banned. This … Read more

The Most Dangerous Number For Your Solicitors Practice

There is a number that, if prevalent in your legal practice, could have dire, even fatal, consequences. This number lurks and waits for you to start relying on it. It watches you toiling away to look after your clients and sees if you are going to challenge it, or whether you are simply going to … Read more

Will Your Clients Buy Legal Services From Someone Else?

In a Gazette article this week (5th November 2009 page 3) 55% of people surveyed in a YouGov pole for Legal Alliance said that they would buy legal services from non-legal brands. This figure alone is bad enough, but when you look at another figure in the report it is perhaps even more frightening. Of … Read more

How Can Hotels Help You To Market Your Legal Practice?

The econonomy has changed, clients expectations have changed, have you changed too? I meet some amazing people on my travels from one solicitor practice to another many times a month. Some solicitors really understand that the legal market place has changed dramatically and will always continue to do so. They embrace new opportunities to communicate … Read more

Twitter, Google and Law Firm Marketing

Could Google suddenly have a new challenger? Google is completely dominant in terms of search is it not? It has seemed that way for sometime now, although my view has always been that at some point “niche search” engines will come and take away small chunks of supremacy at a time. I had a live … Read more